Airbnb alternatives in Iran

Airbnb alternatives in Iran

Due to US sanctions, foreign short-term rental services like AirBnb, VRBO, and are currently unavailable in Tehran.

Prior to American sanctions placed by the Trump administration in 2018,’s short lets spinoff did list a few apartments around Tehran with affordable pricing—however, those days are over and we’re in the sin bin again! Shrug…

The only alternative to hotel room rentals are local AirBnb copycat services, which we’ll show, but you may need a Persian translator, as most sites are dedicated to locals. There are other general rental websites as well which we start off with.


Sheypoor is an Iranian Craigslist-style site, it covers all forms of rentals and real estate sales, in its rental section you’ll find short-term lets for properties across the country. A lot of the properties are located in the Caspian Sea resort towns in the north of Iran, but there are several property listings for Tehran also.

You can find a link to short term lets here.


Mihmansho takes up the mantel of AirBnb in Iran with its local listings sites for short-term lets. You’ll find potential short-term landlords are forced to put a price on their nightly listings to be able to list, which creates more transparency. Hit the translate button in Chrome and you can quickly discover where the property listings are located, also, you’ll need a local friend to contact the renters.

You can find a link to Mihmansho’s website listings for Tehran here.

Rent Iran Apartment

Does what it says on the tin. This website, however, has the added advantage of being in the English language which makes it stand out from the previous two listing websites. Rental prices are listed in USD, and have prices for days, weeks, and months.

Prices across Tehran’s property market only ever go up, so expect $100 a night for a rental in prime locations across the city, it’s not you, all property prices have gone up. It has good access to Tehran’s apartment hotels and if that’s the sort of thing you are looking for you’ll find some properties listed here.

The company is specifically targeting the expats in Tehran with this site, so we thought it would be a good listing for those of you from abroad.

You can find here.

Top websites for renting and buying in Tehran


Another AirBnb clone in Iran is JaJiga. The website has a familiar site and lists short-term rental properties across the country. Again, this website is directed at locals and you will need a Persian-speaking person to help with the site if you are looking to spend time in Tehran. To make it easier to find properties in Tehran we’ve made a link for you!

SnappTrip is one of Iran’s biggest holiday booking websites, it specializes in flights, hotels, villas, and apartments, and all other things to do with short stays. Despite being run by an Englishman for several years the website does not have an English website. Anyway, they are well, run and have several apartments for people to rent on a short-term basis.

You can find Tehran’s short-term properties here.

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