Car prices in Iran

Car prices in Iran

Car prices in Iran? Are you interested in purchasing a car while you are in Tehran? There are several dozen auto companies and online websites with thousands of cars for sale, however, as the currency in Iran continues to fluctuate, prices change hourly.

Car prices in Iran? Are you interested in purchasing a car while you are in Tehran? There are several dozen auto companies and online websites with thousands of cars for sale, however, as the currency in Iran continues to fluctuate, prices change hourly.

Yikes! What do I do?

As a rough guide price (and we mean rough) these are the roundabout prices of cars for sale in Tehran now, according to our trusted price guide list.

As you can see, many of the cars are for sale go for sums much higher than outside of the country and this is because of the import tariffs placed on cars from abroad.

But in this chart, we will focus on the prices manufacturers in Iran. Some of the models you may have not heard of, with those either being built and designed in Iran for the local market or Chinese models “montaged” for the Persian auto market.

What to buy?

Despite this problem, there are plenty of impressive cars, even a few years old, that one can purchase if they wish, including ones which have been in storage with no miles on the clock!

Many imported cars sitting in showrooms across the city can be anything up to 36 months old thanks to delays in customs. However, this does not mean the car dealer will reduce the price, as the supply in the market remains tight.

Where to buy a car?

A good place to search for cars in Iran is a site called If you cannot understand Persian it is useful to have a local sit with you as the site as the user interface is clunky for 2022. Although in fairness to Reza he has updated the site.

Despite this, it remains one of the most popular websites to buy cars and find the daily price.

Other local buying and selling sites including, Sheypoor, and, similar to sites like Gumtree and eBay, these two websites offer a great array of different vehicles as well as other items to purchase. Again you are going to need to speak and read Persian to inquire about the cars.

There are also several official and semi-official representatives in Tehran, including companies like Arian Motor (Mitsubishi), Persia Khodro (BMW), Setareh Iran (Mercedes-Benz) and others who continue to maintain several brands. You can expect to pay more than double.

If you are looking to have a look-see at what is available on the day and you have the full amount of cash to splash on an imported car, then we recommend the epicentre of car dealers situated around Shahid Motahari and Beheshti streets, here you will find the majority of car brands on offer as well as others including the occasional Mini or Smart at premium prices.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, then we recommend our previous article about purchasing and Iranian-made car like the plucky Peugeot 206, yes it is still on the roads in Tehran!

Car prices in Iran

Brand Model Factory Price Toman Market Price Toman Factory Price USD Market Price USD
IKCO Samand LX 160,547,000 316,000,000 5,351.57 10,533.33
IKCO Soren Plus 243,000,000 350,000,000 8,100.00 11,666.67
IKCO Dena 206,048,000 340,000,000 6,868.27 11,333.33
IKCO Dena Plus 228,164,000 427,000,000 7,605.47 14,233.33
IKCO Peugeot Pars XU7 185,000,000 316,000,000 6,166.67 10,533.33
IKCO Peugeot 206 Type 2 150,175,000 296,500,000 5,005.83 9,883.33
IKCO Runna Plus 240,900,000 303,000,000 8,030.00 10,100.00
IKCO Tara Automatic 415,672,000 547,000,000 13,855.73 18,233.33
IKCO Haima S5 794,000,000 840,000,000 26,466.67 28,000.00
IKCO Haima S7 843,000,000 970,000,000 28,100.00 32,333.33
SAIPA Tiba 119,940,000 202,000,000 3,998.00 6,733.33
SAIPA Tiba 2 120,000,000 210,000,000 4,000.00 7,000.00
SAIPA SAINA s 169,831,000 212,000,000 5,661.03 7,066.67
SAIPA Quick 168,074,000 196,500,000 5,602.47 6,550.00
SAIPA Shahin 344,580,000 360,000,000 11,486.00 12,000.00
MVM X22 EX 581,000,000 615,000,000 19,366.67 20,500.00
MVM X33 725,000,000 750,000,000 24,166.67 25,000.00
MVM X55 Pro 933,000,000 950,000,000 31,100.00 31,666.67
CHERY Arrizo 5 760,000,000 780,000,000 25,333.33 26,000.00
CHERY Tiggo 7 1,100,000,000 1,070,000,000 36,666.67 35,666.67
CHERY Tiggo 8 1,499,000,000 1,825,000,000 49,966.67 60,833.33
KMC Lifan X70 750,000,000 800,000,000 25,000.00 26,666.67
KMC JAC J4 495,000,000 550,000,000 16,500.00 18,333.33
KMC JAC S5 985,000,000 1,025,000,000 32,833.33 34,166.67
KMC K7 1,210,000,000 1,390,000,000 40,333.33 46,333.33
BAHMAN Fidelity 5 seater 844,000,000 1,175,000,000 28,133.33 39,166.67
BAHMAN Fidelity 7 seater 859,000,000 1,175,000,000 28,633.33 39,166.67
BAHMAN Dignity 935,000,000 1,220,000,000 31,166.67 40,666.67


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