A guide to: InterNations in Tehran

InterNations in Tehran

This article is about InterNations in Tehran, and you need to know before joining the Munich-based social network.


InterNations, an organisation based in Germany, is a great website and group for people travelling the globe and wanting to meet foreigners in a foreign country.

There are two levels of membership, free and “Albatross” for the premium tier customers who want to make connections beyond the local events and network with like-minded foreigners in Tehran. However, reading the reviews on TrustPilot before coughing up cold-hard cash.

However, in recent years and due to political events on the international level, InterNations has struggled to keep relevant in Tehran

Sadly, from 2016 and the imposition of further US sanctions on Iran by the Trump administration, a bulk of the international “expat” population left and headed back home.

Despite this, the group has now been operating for fifteen years in the Iranian capital, with several different leads operating the group in its history more recently with a local host.

What happened to InterNations in Tehran?

Prior to the downturn in economic trade between Iran and the rest of the world in 2017, InterNations gatherings were hosted by members of the Swiss embassy, and people would head to events across the city and meet fellow foreigners and those Iranians who returned to the country.

At the point there were dozens of foreigners, often bored with the lack of social events offered by their embassies, looking to meet and eat dinner and forget about the worries of the day.

However, in recent years, it’s been a barebones affair, with several people who attended events warning not to bother for one very specific reason

What events does InterNations have in Tehran?

InterNations, under its later locally appointed head Massoud Bayat hosts events in Tehran, including restaurant meals at different restaurants.

Previously under its foreign stewardship the group purposefully went out of its way to do outdoor activities including hiking in the mountains around Tehran, skiing in nearby Darband and Shemshak and trips further afield.

Should you avoid InterNations in Tehran?

One InterNations member, who asked not to be named said to LiT that it wasn’t worth the hassle in recent years because of the number of locals who had “infiltrated the group.”

Further questioning on the matter revealed that InterNations has become increasingly a place for local businesspeople to sell an unsuspecting foreigner an “eco tour of the Caspian Sea” or worse “potential partnership with their local boss.”

They went on to add that a growing number of new members had never even left Tehran let alone spent time abroad.

As Iran’s Millennial generation continues to age, there appears to be also a new trend at events of single or divorced women hijacking events for their own ends.

Another previous member of the group said that he had suspected “many women were there to hook up.”

Which restaurants does InterNations eat at?

There are several restaurants selected for events, InterNations organisers in the city will highlight the specific restaurant ahead of a meet up.

Again, the restaurant choice is usually down to the host of the organisation, currently Mr Bayat, all that considered

What alternatives to InterNations events are there?

There is not much to pick from in terms of alternative choices currently in Tehran, however, local embassies often host parties for their citizens and selected guests. You often need to be on the embassy’s email list to be invited, so if you are a foreign citizen in Tehran, you definitely need to register your status in the country.

Living in Tehran is planning on hosting business meeting events in the coming year as part of our efforts to help those new to the city get acclimatised with the country. We also promise no cougars.






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