The Cost of Living in Tehran, Iran A Comprehensive Guide

Cost of Living in Tehran


Tehran, the capital of Iran, is a city of over 8 million people. But what is the Cost of Living in Tehran?

It is a fascinating and vibrant city, with a rich culture and history. The cost of living in Tehran can be high, but there are also many affordable options available depending on the location inside the city.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the cost of living in Tehran. We will cover everything from food and accommodation to transportation and entertainment. We hope this article will be helpful for those who are interested in moving to Tehran or simply want to know more about the cost of living in this city.

Introducing Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and its largest city. It is a cosmopolitan city with a population of over 8 million people. Tehran is home to a diverse mix of cultures and religions, and it is a major centre of art and culture.

The cost of living in Tehran is relatively low compared to other major cities in the world however, there are certain areas which are as expensive as New York, Paris and London.

However, there are some costs that are higher than average, such as rent and car ownership, especially the foreign imported cars which have heavy duties.

The Cost of Living in Tehran

Tehran is a city of contrasts, with wealthy districts and poor neighbourhoods, and a cost of living that reflects that.

A recent study by Mercer found that Tehran is the most expensive city in Iran, and the 22nd most expensive city in the world. A recent article in The Guardian also put Tehran’s cost of living at the same place.

The main drivers of this high cost of living are the high rents and the cost of food and car ownership. A basic food basket costs around $200 per month, while rent for a one-bedroom apartment starts at $500 per month without the hefty deposit.

Public transportation is not expensive, with a monthly pass costing around $10. Taxi fares are also low, with a short ride costing around $3.

Rent in Tehran

Tehran real estate
Jamaran villa

Rent in Tehran varies depending on the neighbourhood.

The higher-end neighbourhoods, such as Shariati and Golhak, will have higher rents than the lower-end neighbourhoods, such as Rey. There are also expat neighbourhoods, such as Niavaran, Shemiran, Farmanieh, Fereshteh and Saadat Abad, which have higher rents than the general population.

Rents in Tehran also vary depending on the type of housing. A studio apartment will be cheaper than a one-bedroom apartment, which will be cheaper than a two-bedroom apartment. The size and location of the property will also affect the rent.

Food and Drink in Tehran

The cost of food and drink in Tehran varies depending on what you want to eat. If you’re looking for cheap food, there are plenty of options available, including kebabs, sandwiches, and street food. However, if you want to eat at a restaurant, the prices will be a bit higher.

Drinks can also be expensive in Tehran. Alcohol is not allowed in Iran, so drinks tend to be more expensive than in other countries. Soft drinks and juices are the cheapest drinks available, while coffee and tea can be expensive, especially if you order them at a cafe.

Transportation in Tehran

Public transportation is the most common way to get around Tehran. There are busses, metro, and taxis, all of which are affordable and convenient. However, the traffic can be a bit chaotic, so allow plenty of time for your commute.

Healthcare in Tehran

Healthcare in Tehran is generally affordable, although it can vary depending on the type of care you require. In general, though, you can expect to pay much less for healthcare than you would in most Western countries.

There are both public and private hospitals in Tehran, and the quality of care varies from hospital to hospital. You can expect to find both high-quality and low-quality hospitals in Tehran.

Public hospitals are generally cheaper than private hospitals, but they can be crowded and the wait times can be long. Private hospitals tend to be more expensive, but the quality of care is typically better.

Arad Hospital, Tehran

Our recommendation on private hospitals includes the Gandhi Hospital on the street with the same name, Arad Hospital in city centre. Other hospitals, including Milad Hospital are government owned and are generally cheaper.

Tehran is also host to several specialist hospitals including Children’s Hospital in Tehran and others including the


Education in Tehran

The cost of education in Tehran is low, especially when compared to other major metropolitan cities in the world. A degree from a university or other institution of higher education will cost you a fraction of what you would pay in the United States or Europe.

There are several international schools in the country with private fees for primary and secondary aged children, while international courses are also available at tertiary level. Course fees are generally low-cost compared with foreign courses.

You can also study Persian in Tehran at the Dekhoda Language Institute, visas are arranged by the institution.

CoursesGroupsCategoriesPrice Per Course


Literature & Art

AForeign applicants who require the help of the centre in obtaining their student visa.7,000,000 (€116)
CForeigners holding an Iranian residence and work permit; Political and Service-Visa holders.
Dinternational students who study at Iranian universities
BIranian nationals and naturalized Iranian applicants.6,000,000 (€100)



So, is Tehran a good place to live? In short, it depends on your priorities and what you’re looking for. The cost of living in Tehran can be expensive, but there are also many affordable options available.

There is a great diversity of cultures and activities in Tehran, and it’s a city that is constantly changing and evolving. If you’re interested in living in Tehran, be sure to do your research and ask lots of questions before making a decision.

Tehran is a beautiful and vibrant city with a lot to offer, and the cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other major cities around the world. There are some things you’ll have to adjust to, such as the lack of Western brands and the abundance of Iranian cuisine, but overall Tehran is a great place to live.

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