Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Tehran

Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Tehran

The Ali Akbar Sanati Museum, located in the bustling metropolis of Tehran, is a vibrant exhibition hub of masterpieces by the eminent artist Ali Akbar Sanati. 

This cultural epicenter offers free entry, encouraging art devotees to immerse themselves in a profound artistic journey.

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Imam Khomeini Square (Toop Khooneh to taxi drivers), the beginning of Ferdowsi Street, Tehran
  • Accessibility: Level access to the sidewalk
  • Visit Duration: Less than 1 hour

Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Tehran

The Legacy of Master Ali Akbar Sanati

The Museum stands as the first anthropological museum of Iran, founded in 1946. Initiated by Ali Akbar Sanati’s son, it was initially known as “The Sun and Lion Museum.”

Ali Akbar Sanati, a revered sculptor and painter, was born in 1916. His artistic talents flourished at the Industrial Orphanage of Kerman, where he later pursued his art education at Kamal-ol-Molk Art School. 

Recognized for his realism style, Sanati left a significant legacy, including thousands of paintings and sculptures.

Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Tehran

Exploring The Ali Akbar Sanati Museum

The museum is housed in a historical Qajar-era building. It was once inhabited by Reza Shah Pahlavi in his early years before becoming the King. 

It later fell under the ownership of Abdul Hossein Sanati, Ali Akbar Sanati‘s son. He established the first contemporary art museum there.

In its time, the museum has hosted the busts of scientific, literary, and artistic masters and influential political figures from Iran and globally. 

Tragically, during the Islamic Revolution, the museum suffered significant damage from fire. It destroyed more than half of its paintings and sculptures.

Despite this, the museum has received over 6,000 paintings and a thousand stone, plaster, and bronze statues donated by Iranian artists until 2004. 

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Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Tehran

Directions to the Ali Akbar Sanati Museum

The museum can be found easily at Imam Khomeini Square, at the start of Ferdowsi Street. 

You can get there by private vehicle or by taking Metro Line 1. Get off at the Imam Khomeini Square station, then walk down Ferdowsi Street.

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