Majidieh Neighbourhood Tehran

Majidieh Neighbourhood Tehran

Where is Majidieh Neighborhood in Tehran?

Majidieh, also known as the Ostad Hassan Banna neighborhood, is one of the old and famous districts in East Tehran. From the north of Majidieh, Zeynoddin Highway passes, and from the south, Bokhtar (Eastern in old Persian) river flows.

Moreover, this neighborhood is bounded east by Kerman Street and west by Sayyad Shirazi Highway. With the construction of the Resalat Highway, Majidieh has been divided into northern and southern sections. Northern Majidieh is part of District 4, and Southern Majidieh is part of District 8 of Tehran Municipality.

Sausage Shops in Majidieh
Sausage Shops in Majidieh

History and Naming of Majidieh

Majidieh takes its name from one of the most famous landowners in the area during the reign of Mozaffar al-Din Shah, named Prince Abdul Majid Mirza. The lands of this neighborhood remained uninhabited for many years due to unfavorable farming conditions.

Over time, this area became a place of residence and employment for Armenians. Their main business has initially been in the production of sausages and confectionery. Even today, the Majidieh neighborhood has many confectionery and sausage shops.

Qajar King

Qajar era

In the Qajar era , a production factory began its operation in the Majidieh neighborhood. The Qajars built a magnificent garden of four hectares around that factory, which became known as the “Prince’s Garden.”

The Prince’s Garden belonged to the Qajar princes and started from the current Resalat Highway and extended to Soldier’s Square. After the Qajars and their migration abroad, this garden was neglected and changed hands several times. In 1978, the factory was demolished, and nothing but a ruin of the garden remained.

Majidieh Today

Today, the Majidieh neighborhood has been named after Ostad Hassan Banna, a freedom fighter from the Pahlavi era.

Population Density

With a population of about 55,000, Majidieh is considered one of Tehran’s densely populated areas. The purchase price per square meter of residential property in the area can range depending on the age.

In this neighborhood, you can find refurbished old houses at a reasonable price and small area. However, old houses with courtyards in Majidieh are hard to find due to the increase in construction cases.

Pharmacy in Majidieh
Pharmacy in Majidieh

Healthcare and Treatment Centers

24-hour Majidieh Clinic, Albert Clinic, Negin Shargh Dental Clinic, Dr. Jenti Dental Clinic, Behbood Physiotherapy, Hami Psychology Clinic, Dostdar Salamat Addiction Treatment Center, and Royan Cell Therapy Center are some of the treatment centers in Majidieh.

Pharmacies in this area include Resalat Central Pharmacy, Melat Pharmacy, Shams Abad Pharmacy, and Etesam Pharmacy.

Mosques in Tehran

Educational and Cultural Centers

The Majidieh neighborhood in Tehran has desirable educational facilities, especially for students. In this neighborhood, Daneshpour School, Mahdieh School, Amanat School, Muzaffar Brothers School, and Rah-e-Fatima School benefit from good educational and nurturing facilities. There is also Ararat School for Armenian citizens, which is considered one of the old schools in this neighborhood.

English language learners can benefit from Kushesh Institute, Sepehr Institute, and the Armenian Institute. Nima Faridoni Music School, Naghos Music School, Pouya Andish Pottery School, and Mahoor Music Center are also at the service of those interested in artistic activities.

Book City in Majidieh
Book City in Majidieh

Majidieh’s Book City

near Shahid Homayi Square and Melat Book City located in Melat Square are considered the most reputable bookstores in this neighborhood. You can walk in these bookstores regardless of the daily hustle and bustle and refresh your spirit.

Governmental And Cultural Centers

Among the governmental centers of this neighborhood, we can mention the 190 Majidieh police station and the District 4 Education and Training Center located on North Kerman Street.

There are also Armenian community centres and kindergartens schools and nurseries located in the area.

Main Shopping Centers

The Donyaye Noor shopping center, located near Resalat Highway, is one of the largest shopping centers in the Majidieh neighborhood. The main streets of this neighborhood also have a large number of stores that meet all the needs of the neighborhood residents.

Famous Eateries In Majidieh

Ash and Halim Seyyed Mahdi, one of the most famous Ash and Halim in Tehran, has a branch in Majidieh. Also, Kiyu Restaurant, Roco Fast Food, and 360 Fast Food are considered some of the best eateries in Majidieh.

Church In Majidieh

Mosques and Churches in Majidieh

Majidieh is one of the characteristic neighborhoods of Tehran, where the diversity of religious beliefs of its residents is considered one of its attractions. Armenians, who were the first residents of this neighborhood, have ancient places of worship such as the Grigor Lusavorich Church. Like most old neighborhoods in Tehran, Majidieh has a large number of mosques within it. Vali-e-Asr Mosque in the south of Majidieh is among the authentic mosques of the area that attracts a large crowd of locals to various religious events. In addition, Seyyed Sajjad Mosque, Qamar Bani Hashim Mosque, and Al-Hadi Mosque can also be considered among the good religious facilities in the Majidieh neighborhood. Moreover, Ali Akbar and Vali-e-Asr Hosseiniehs are among other religious centers in this

Various types of shops in the main streets relieve the residents of the long search for different items. Depending on their purchasing volume, citizens can visit large chain stores such as Kourosh Complex, Shahrvand, and so on.


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