Top 6 Malls in Tehran

There are dozens of new malls in Tehran opening every year and covering all of them is a difficult task. Living in Tehran will highlight the best* in terms of multiple services on offer, however, we are sure many of you will have your own personal favourites.

(Our definition of *best means each of the malls offers something unique for the surrounding area. There are other malls in Tehran which offer great services, but for the purposes of this review we selected these as of January 2018 )

1: Arg Mall

Arg Mall is one of the newest malls to be built in Tehran and its location to Tajrish Square as well as unique design give the complex an air of sophistication. There are several well-known brands situated in the mall including LC Waikiki among others.

The store hosts several types of stores including home appliances, jewellery, clothes, cosmetics, perfume, carpets as well a food court. Don’t miss the roof restaurant eating area as it not immediately noticeable that it is there.

2: Palladium Mall

Tehran Palladium Shopping Centre located in Zaferanieh is situated on multiple levels 150,000 sq. metres with two towers accommodating offices and other businesses. The mall has a non-branded large supermarket on its basement level which is familiar in design to those who’ve frequented Waitrose or Whole Foods.

Palladium’s unique selling point is its two food courts with dozens of eateries, we recommend getting a hot dog from Gumbi on the lower level.

Another popular activity of those visiting the mall is the gym and swimming pool on the upper levels.

3: Charsou Bazaar

Mobiles in Tehran
Charsou Bazaar in Tehran 

Charsou Bazaar is Tehran’s home of electronic goods as well as a food court and several cinemas. As previously mentioned Charsou was built in recent years and aims to offer some of the best prices on mobile phones. Recently the mall has had an upgrade on the ground floor


4: Tirajeh & Tirajeh 2

Ok, we may be cheating here a bit, but one cannot talk about


malls without mentioning the Tirajeh malls. The twin Tirajeh

malls in Tehran are part of the most comprehensive mall complexes in the city. Situated in the west and east of the city, Tirajeh malls offer a multitude of different activities. The older Tirajeh 1 mall in the west of the city offers a great place for children to play and several floors of small and medium-sized stores to keep everyone busy. The newer eastern Tirajeh 2 is one of the only places in the eastern centre of the city which has a fully functioning Hyperstar supermarket


in the basement. Very handy for the weekly shop.

5: Bam Land Shopping Mall

Bam Land Shopping Mall is one of the newest shopping malls in Tehran and has amazing views of the recently created artificial Chitgar Lake next door. Dubbed as a luxury mall, the centre hosts a few international brands as well as a great food court and eating area.



6: Kourosh Complex

Kourosh Complex, the same company which is believed to have built the original Kourosh Mall on Valiasr St is one of the jam-packed shopping centres in the city. Situated in the east of the city, the mall hosts a range of different small and large shops, including a Hyperstar in its basement as well as a cineplex on the upper levels. One of the unique features we found is the daycare facility on the upper levels.



Coming soon: Iran Mall

Although not yet open, Iran Mall is likely to become the city’s number one shopping centre when it opens later in 2018 – well at least the pictures suggest so. Spread over the size of several football pitches the and backed by hotels and sports facilities, the centre is likely to give the far west of Tehran a new lease of life. Some of these photos are from IIRPH Instagram page.

Here are some of the development photos.


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