Nouvelle Lounge: New Restaurant in Tehran

Nouvelle Lounge

Discover an extraordinary culinary gem in the buzzing heart of Tehran’s commercial hub, Jordan: Nouvelle Lounge, a restaurant that transcends the ordinary.

“A space designed for the elite, the influential, and the pioneers of significant businesses in society.”

Locality of Nouvelle Lounge

Positioned right in the center of the Jordan (Nelson Mandela) neighborhood in Tehran.

Nouvelle Lounge is located in an area described rightfully by many as the most crucial and key commercial-administrative zone.

It offers a peaceful and secure ambiance for a selective clientele seeking a genuine food quality experience and social interactions at the upper crust of society.

Why go here? 

The French term “nouvelle” in the title of this establishment draws its origins from the distinct style in hospitality, referred to as “nouvelle cuisine.”

This cuisine emphasizes the quality and attractiveness of food presentation.

Nouvelle cuisine is, in fact, a kind of restaurant service that considers the healthiness of food ingredients, preservation of raw food quality, and elegance in its presentation.

All dishes at Nouvelle Lounge are prepared with utmost precision and delicacy, sans grease, and using completely healthy ingredients.

Here, you don’t just find a “restaurant” but a “lounge” in the truest sense – a blend of authenticity, quality, and a custodian of its customers’ health and well-being.


The Genesis of Nouvelle Lounge

Jordan, the lively and bustling neighborhood in the capital, has always been so awash with the lights and neon signs of restaurants, fast food outlets, and colorful shops that it has drawn residents of Greater Tehran from all corners of the city.

However, in all these years, there was a palpable absence of a venue, a venue beyond the repetitive and monotonous restaurants on this captivating six-kilometer street. The lack of a peaceful and calming space for gatherings, meetings, get-togethers, business magnates, and society’s elite led to the manifestation of Nouvelle Lounge.

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Nouvelle Lounge Experience

Nouvelle Lounge, a phenomenon beyond the everyday existence of Jordan’s commercial area, is a restaurant that serves as a business hub with international standards and is tailored to the taste and needs of Class +A audience. With prices to match.

The restaurant was established in late 2022 with the aim of offering special hospitality services to business owners and society’s elite.

It is a haven for relaxation and creating delightful, distinctive moments of being together.

The restaurant, spanning nearly 300 square meters with a capacity of over 80 seats, caters to those who truly understand the importance of quality.

Nouvelle Lounge
Nouvelle Lounge

Where is Nouvelle Lounge?

Africa Street, or the present-day Nelson Mandela Boulevard, is one of the most recognizable streets in the north of Tehran, a neighborhood still popularly known as Jordan among the locals. Nouvelle Lounge is situated in the Jordan neighborhood, specifically on Arash Street. The routes to access this location are as follows:

  • From Modares Highway, heading south
  • From Jordan Street, heading north
  • From Jordan Street, heading south
  • From Valiasr Street via Espandiar Boulevard (west to east)


The existence of suitable urban routes, dozens of commercial-administrative buildings and towers, 17 embassies, and the headquarters of many significant domestic and international companies within the Jordan area enhance the geographic positioning of Nouvelle Lounge. It solidifies the venue as a highly significant platform for business men and women, and generally, the owners of significant and influential businesses in the capital.

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