Iran Business Visa

Iran Business Visa Application Process

Understanding the Purpose of Iran’s Entry Visa (Type A)

Also known as the “Iran Business Visa,” the Entry Visa type A is designed for international citizens who have received official invitation letters from public or private sector entities, governmental organizations, or international fairs.

This visa accommodates professional or academic visits, contract negotiations, business meetings, and the establishment of purchased machinery, among other things.

Alternatively, you can apply for visa on arrival if you are from a handful of countries. Read more here.

Duration of Stay for Business Visa Holders

So, the length of your stay under the Iran Business Visa is subject to the itinerary outlined in your invitation letter.

Who is Eligible for the Entry Visa Type A?

Now, practically anyone with an official invitation letter can apply for the Entry Visa Type A.

Eligibility includes:

  • Academic faculty and researchers
  • Government officials and economic experts
  • Internationally recognized traders and specialists
  • Employees of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations

Requirements for Obtaining an Iran Entry Visa

In order to secure an Iran Entry Visa, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Completion of the online visa application
  2. Receipt of the Iran visa grant notice
  3. Procurement of an official invitation letter
  4. Purchase of Iran travel insurance
  5. Submission of a trip itinerary

Securing Your Business Visa: Useful Tip

In many cases, the organization, company, or academic institute extending the invitation can apply for your business visa (Type A) and obtain your Iran visa authorization code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Things that you should know before applying for visa:

  • Persons who may have dual nationality should announce their nationality based on the travel documents/passport that they wish to carry.
  • In case nationality printed on visa is incompatible with nationality printed on passport, visa will be null and void.
  • An applicant may not be granted visa unless his/her passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Please make sure the photo you wish to upload meets all the requirements.
  • Photo Standard Guide
  • Please make sure the passport copy you wish to upload meets all the requirements. Passport Copy Standard Guide

Read more about different visas for Iran here.

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