Visiting the beautiful Darakeh in Tehran

Darakeh in Tehran

An Overview of Darakeh

While Tehran may initially strike you as a bustling metropolis filled with towering concrete structures, you’ll be surprised to find pockets of natural beauty tucked away within the city.

Moreover, Darakeh, a favorite amongst locals for sightseeing, trekking, and mountain climbing, is one such hidden gem. This historic resort located in Shemiranat is nestled in the westernmost foothills to the north of Tehran.

Ok, Darakeh offers visitors a scenic view of lush gardens, an appealing climate, the tangy sweetness of plums, refreshing pomegranate juice, and a range of traditional dining options. The locals have built their homes along the Darakeh River, enhancing the charming character of this locality.

Interestingly a stair-stepped area and a natural pool have been created along the Darakeh River in the Evin valley, a part of the Darake neighborhood.

This river, now known as “Haft Hoz” (Seven Pools), is home to a number of traditional and modern restaurants and cafés.

Discovering Darakeh

Situated in the western part of Tehran’s northern foothills, Darakeh serves as the starting point for a popular hiking trail. Its picturesque surroundings and easy accessibility make it a preferred destination for casual hiking and sightseeing.

Darakeh is more than just a scenic spot; it also teases your taste buds with mouthwatering local delicacies. As you explore the tranquil lanes, you are greeted by refreshing pomegranate juice, sour and sweet Lavashak (fruit rolls), and a variety of “Torshi” (preserved vegetables or fruits served as side dishes).

Darakeh’s Architectural Charm

Houses in Darakeh are built by the river, contributing to the locality’s distinctive charm. This setup has allowed for the creation of a stair-stepped area and a natural pool along the Darakeh River, providing the perfect backdrop for various traditional and modern tea houses and eateries.


Exploring Activities in Darakeh

Pay a Visit to Immamzadeh Mohammad Vali

A descendant of Imam Sajjad (a.s.), Seyyed Mohammad Vali, arrived in Iran during the time of Imam Reza (a.s.) and Mamun (the Abbasid Caliph). A mausoleum was built in his honor after his death, and today, locals and hikers alike visit it as a worship site.


Relish the Pleasant Climate

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle to relax in Darakeh’s pleasant weather. Enjoy the calming ambiance as you listen to the gentle flow of the river while savoring meals in the traditional teahouses and restaurants.

Whether you wish to hike up the mountains or prefer a leisurely stroll in the gardens’ alleys, Darakeh has something for everyone. Pack a picnic, explore the landscape, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the river and the surrounding trees.

Darakeh’s Popular Hiking Route

Starting from Darakeh Square, this 6-kilometer route takes you through the valley, following the course of the river. The path passes through the Kara Forest, the Chin Kalagh Peak, and ends at the Palangchal Shelter. You can even extend your trek to reach Tochal Peak for a more adventurous experience.


Local Dining Options

If you wish to try out local Iranian cuisine, Darakeh is the place to be. Many traditional restaurants offer a wide range of dishes to cater to different preferences.

  1. Darband Shater Abbas: A well-known restaurant chain in Tehran, this outlet in Darakeh offers a variety of traditional dishes, including chelo kebab and ghormeh sabzi, a type of herb stew. The restaurant’s ambiance, with its traditional decor and excellent service, adds to the dining experience.
  2. Dizi Sara: Here, you can enjoy the traditional Iranian dish known as Dizi, also called Abgoosht. It is a hearty mutton soup with chickpeas and beans, typically eaten with bread. It’s a must-try for any visitor!
  3. Eateries by the River: There are numerous smaller eateries by the river, serving grilled corn, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and other snacks. If you’re a food lover, exploring these places is a fun way to discover new tastes.
  4. Street Food Vendors: Don’t miss the local street food vendors. They offer a wide range of traditional Iranian snacks like lavashak (a kind of dried fruit roll-up), faloodeh (a cold dessert made from thin vermicelli noodles), and many others.
  5. Traditional Tea Houses: The tea houses in Darakeh are known for their unique ambiance. They serve a variety of herbal teas, hookahs, and snacks. You can enjoy these while resting from your hike or while observing the beautiful nature around you.

Wrapping Up

No trip to Tehran would be complete without a visit to Darakeh. With its scenic beauty, delicious cuisine, pleasant climate, and numerous activities, it offers a break from the city’s bustling lifestyle. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful nature walk, hike up the mountains, or explore local Iranian cuisine, Darakeh has something for everyone.

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