Travel Agencies in Iran

Travel Agencies in Iran

Even though arranging a trip to Iran independently is feasible, the country’s vast size and rich history might warrant using a reliable travel agency. Read our guide below on the best travel agencies for Iran.

Remember, we’re impartial and don’t make a commission on our suggestions! 

Budget around 100 USD per day for a comfortable trip, covering lodging, transportation, meals, entry fees, and shopping. Read here where to change your money in Tehran and other cities in Iran.

While urban centers offer taxis and buses, and Google Maps can guide you to various attractions, a tour operator can enhance your limited time in this diverse country with 10 urban areas, 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites and countless hidden treasures.

Living in Tehran (LiT) is not a travel agency, our guide below is impartial and we cannot vouch for the quality of your trip. 

Top Travel Agencies in Iran

  1. Termeh Travel (TT)

    TT emerged in 2019 as a comprehensive online service for incoming tourists to Iran, mainly from Europe and Southeast Asia. Their eco-friendly, sustainable tours are led by local guides and drivers, and they offer an array of free walking tours. For personalized journeys, TT provides an itinerary builder tool.

  2. Alaedin Travel (AT)

    AT, one of Iran’s largest travel agencies, was established in 2016. They cover inbound, outbound, and domestic markets, specializing in MICE tours and events. Recently, they included medical tourism in their range of services.

  3. Gapa Tour (GT)

    As a family-owned business since 2002, GT caters to international resellers with package tours and domestic operations. Their offerings include cultural, historical, eco, and adventure tours, and agency services like ticketing and reservations.

  4. Iran Doostan Travel

    (IDT) Founded in 1990, IDT is one of Iran’s initial tour operators, offering a diverse range of packages including adventure, sports, MICE, religious, and medical tours. They are dedicated to showcasing the unexposed beauty of Iran to the world.

  5. Friendly Iran

    (FI) FI, with more than 20 years of experience, prides itself on offering tours with a personal touch. Based in Shiraz, their services extend to large groups and VIP transportation. They also serve as the operating arm for global resellers.

  6. Iran Safar Tours

    (IST) Established in 1994, IST specializes in custom inbound tours that reveal the lesser-known charms of Iran. Their packages center on culture, archaeology, architecture, and nature, with a preference for unique routes and historic boutique hotels.

  7. Let’s Go Iran

    (LGI) With more than two decades of experience, LGI operates in various travel sectors, including incoming and outgoing markets, education, and ticketing. They provide diverse travel packages for leisure, business, education, and corporate groups.

  8. Cheetah Adventures

    (CA) CA was founded in 2015 with an emphasis on environmental awareness. Named after the endangered Iranian Cheetah, the company focuses on trekking, climbing, and adventure tours that encourage appreciation for Iran’s natural landscapes.

  9. Iran On Tour

    (IOT) IOT strives to build lasting connections between travelers and Iranians, promoting local traditions and historical heritage. They offer cultural tours, excursions, and urban adventures. As part of their commitment to social responsibility, 7% of their profits go to supporting orphans and disadvantaged children.

  10. Iran Nomad Tours

    (INT) INT was founded by a descendant of nomadic tribes in 2017, and they specialize in nomadic excursions across the rugged Zagros Mountains. Their focus is on small-group and private tours, supporting authentic nomadic livelihoods and traditions.

    Time Museum Tehran
    Time Museum Tehran

Other Travel Agencies in Iran

  1. Med Iran Co.

    (MIC) Established in 2017 by a group of physicians, MIC provides international tourism and medical services, offering all-inclusive planned trips for a variety of treatments.

  2. Surf Iran (SI)

    SI, located in Tehran, offers both package trips and customized private excursions. They work with professionals from various fields to provide a rich and authentic experience to incoming travelers.

  3. Adventure Iran (AI)

    AI, founded in 2006, offers a unique blend of active tours and special-interest journeys. They are a leader in adventure travel in Iran, offering small group tours with interests like trekking, cycling, skiing, and climbing.

  4. Iran Traveling Center (ITC)

    ITC, established in 2000, is a full-service travel agency with a robust digital presence. They provide flight booking, visa services, and customized tours, including cultural, historical, and adventure tours.

  5. Hi Persia (HP)

    HP was founded in 2014 by professional travelers and guides, offering unique travel experiences with an emphasis on cultural immersion. They’re known for various adventure activities and local experiences.


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