10 Best Places for a Dessert Delight

No doubt food is of great importance in Iran, and nowadays it stretches all the way to the final meal of the day, dessert! If you have a sweet tooth and you’re living in Tehran, read up on the excellent adventure below!

1: San Marco Ice Cream Bar – Qeytarieh

Whether you’re Italian or not, this little stopover is surely a must! Locals in District 1 regard this venue as the best Italian style Ice Cream in the country. There is just so much quality here to choose from, which will undoubtedly keep you coming back to San Marco on different occasions. From rich dark chocolate ice cream, coffee and other cocoa combinations during cool weather, to San Marco flavour itself and the Mojito summer favourite, they’re all 100% guaranteed to make your mouths water. You can choose to sit at the bar if it’s cold outside, or you could take a tray and enjoy your ice cream in Qeytarieh Park across the street. Did we forget to mention? The scoops are rather large no matter if it’s the cone or bowl version you’re going for, and the price is reasonable.

2: Bibi Pastry Shop – Yousef Abad

Bibi has long been famed for its unique chocolate cake of the same name, but there are plenty of other sweet delights to choose from. Their fresh-out-of-the-oven donuts (pirashki) are also not to be missed. The style of dessert at this place will definitely give you that homemade lip-smacking feel.

3: Gelato Lab – Golestan Shopping Centre

Looking for a cozy lounge to sit and have some pudding? Then this is the spot you’re looking for! With the special ice cream, gelatos and sorbet comes the polite and friendly staff. After a long shop at this shopping centre, this beautifully designed venue is a great way to finish off your day.


4: Cookie Box

It’s most certainly the right place for the sweet tooth! Cookie Box Bakery gives you a massive range of cookies, cupcakes, famously tasty cheesecakes, muffins, brownies, pies and a whole lot more. These products are high in quality and do NOT have additives and preservatives. The Cookie Box brand is responsible for popularizing cookies, brownies and cheesecakes in the country. They have 2 branches in Fereshteh, 1 in Farmanieh and 1 in Jordan Street.


5: Mansour Ice Cream – Mollasadra Street

Ever tasted traditional Persian ice cream? Well, here at Mansour it comes at its best. Due to the popularity and high-quality, you can certainly expect long queues (much like San Marco). There’s also another traditional, exotic Persian pudding served here, and that is Faloodeh. Originating from the city of Shiraz, this dessert is made up of thin noodles and an icy slush combination of lime juice, sugar and a touch of rose water.

6: Éclair Pastry Shop – Niavaran Street

This classy do is considered by locals as one of the best patisseries in Tehran. Éclair is famed for its freshly baked macaroons as they come in peanut butter, dark chocolate and much more. If macaroons are not your thing, surely the coconut pie, puff pastry or custard crème will be enough to satisfy your pudding needs. The staff here are also incredibly polite, making you feel welcome at all times.

7: Gandhi Pastry Shop – Gandhi Street

Aside from the venue and the street it’s on being named after the legendary Indian activist, it’s a great opportunity to pick, mix and take some tasty products home, much like other confectionary joints in the capital. Highlighted eatable sweeties here include fresh Danish pastry and donuts, but you may want to hurry because these goodies usually run out after 8pm.

8: Vorta Cake Studio Pastry Shop – Enghelab Street

Are you looking for a relaxed, cozy atmosphere for dessert? Then pop into the Cake Studio. Designed like an eatery from the 1960s, this little café offers delicious cupcakes, chocolate mousse, tarts, éclairs and more goodies. If you’re into fruit juice, be sure to try out their mojitos and watermelon drinks.

9: Sam Café – Fereshteh (Sam Center)

Indeed, this little joint has plenty of coffee and snacks in its great environment. But if you’re looking for something special, try out their frozen yogurts and granola. You can even treat yourself to what everyone’s pointing to, apparently they serve the best quality waffles in Tehran.

10: Mestoland Frozen Yogurt Shop – Pasdaran

If you happen to be lurking about Northeast Tehran, try out this divine spot, giving you a unique quality and variety of frozen yogurts. With plenty of different toppings, whether you choose a coco theme or fruity style, how can you go wrong?

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