Top English Speaking Dentists in Tehran

Need to get that dental check-up and living in Tehran?

Tehran has many good dentists and orthodontists, with dozens of them to help you with your annual polish, root canal and much more.

Finding one that can speak English may appear more daunting than it seems as many of the dentists in the city have either study abroad or are fully conversant in the English language — so do not panic if you are holding your jaw for dear life.

We’ve made a list of a few dentists with one which has its websites in English!

1: Tehran Smile

Tehran Smile has three registered dentists on its website, and an international support team in addition. According to the practice’s website, the three registered dental experts do the full range of fixes and cosmetic work you would expect in other leading practices.

You can find their details and prices here.

TreatmentUnited Kingdom
United States
($ US)
Our Prices
($ US)
Examination,2BW and scale and polish110150-20045
Orthopantogram -opg70-90150-20015
Extraction routine90-150150-30035-50
Extraction complex230-300300-50070
Wisdom tooth extraction surgery- Impacted260-300325-50090
Anterior composite 1 surface – 3 surface150-200250-30050-70
Posterior composite 1 surface – 3 surface90-200120-32050-70
Root canal therapy one canal400-7001200-1500110
Root canal therapy 3-4 canals450-550780-1600170
Full denture1300-16001800-3800600
Crown Zirconium, Full porcelain800-900810-1500275
veneer / Emax / Laminate800-12001250-1300475
Implant with Crown –1800-25002500-30001000
Bleaching Home including trays and gels for 1 year500300-700100
Bleaching Office 3 sessions500400-900150


Medical Building No. 241, 3rd Floor, Unit 11, Next to Sports Club, Farmanieh (Lavasani), Tehran, Iran
TEL: (+98) (21) 26110052

Here is a list of other dentists who speak English and are able to help with your dental enquiries

2: Dr Izad KEYHANI

Dr Lavasani Avenue, Medical Bldg. 241 Next to Farmanieh Club, 3 rd Floor, Unit 11
Phone +98 21 2611 0052, 2611 0053 

3: Dr Sadegh PAKROO

Shariati Avenue, After Roomi Bridge, Haghighatkah Alley Unit 13, 4th Floor
Phone +98 21 2223 8874 Mobile +98 912 272 9383


Africa Avenue, East Farzan Street, No. 6
Phone +98 21 8879 0159

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