Pilates Classes in Tehran

Pilates Classes in Tehran

Pilates Classes in Tehran: Pilates is a workout for everyone, men and women, and helps strengthen the core in a series of controlled movements alongside breathing patterns. Here are some of the benefits Pilates can bring. There are now more than 750 certified instructors working in 24 provinces across Iran, so there is no shortage of places to exercise.

1: Pilates Classes in Tehran for Everyone

Pilates is a versatile workout routine that can be easily performed on your living room floor, with or without a mat. Catering to a wide range of fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, Pilates offers an array of movements designed to enhance flexibility and promote general wellbeing. The exercises can be customized by instructors to suit the unique abilities and requirements of each client, making Pilates a universally appealing fitness regimen. Furthermore, it is a favored option for prenatal and postnatal workouts, as it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, preparing the body for childbirth and aiding in postpartum recovery.

2: Enhances Posture and Body Alignment

Maintaining good posture is crucial, especially in our increasingly sedentary lives. Pilates assists in promoting spinal health, mitigating the physical discomforts of a sedentary lifestyle, and facilitating daily activities. By enhancing body awareness, Pilates helps improve the body’s functionality throughout the day.

4: Promotes Proper Breathing Techniques

Breathing exercises are an integral part of Pilates, improving your oxygen intake. The focused breathing techniques used in Pilates help to optimize the abdominal contractions involved in the workouts.

5: Strengthens and Tones Your Body

Pilates workouts target numerous small muscles around the abdomen, thereby enhancing your core strength while working on the muscles in your lower spine area. The systematic abdominal contractions involved in each exercise not only improve core strength but also contribute to the toning of the abdominal area.

6: Boosts Bone Density

As we age, our bone mass starts to diminish. This can be further exacerbated by a lack of physical activity, leading to accelerated bone degeneration. Incorporating Pilates into your workout routine helps counteract the adverse effects of bone degeneration and bolsters overall skeletal strength.

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Pilates Classes in Tehran

Paad Club
Paad Club
  1. PAAD Fitness & Wellness Club

    : Located in the Dezashib Sports Complex, Mehr Alley, Ammar alley, Niavaran Street, Tehran. They offer a variety of activities including Pilates, Zumba, Functional, Aerial Silk, Rock Climbing, Ballet, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, and many more. They offer both presence and virtual classes, so you can exercise in any location and situation. Their working hours vary by gender, with specific hours for ladies and gentlemen each day. You can contact them at 02122800468 for more information

    Pilates Kadeh
    Pilates Kadeh
  2. Pilateskadeh

    Pilateskadeh is a highly-rated sports club located in the Tajrish area of Tehran, specifically at Farmanieh Ave. They offer a comprehensive range of Pilates classes suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. For more information about their class schedules and offerings, you can reach out to them directly at their contact number: +98 912 227 8710

    Masa Pilates
    Masa Pilates
  3. Masa Pilates

    Masa Pilates, which translates to “Masa Pilates” in English, is a top-rated Pilates studio located in Tajrish, Tehran. It can be found at Unit 2, Floor 9, No. 15, Shadavar St, Moqadas Ardebili, St, District 1. They provide a range of Pilates classes suitable for various skill levels. To know more about their schedule, as they open at 7 am on Saturday, you can contact them directly or visit their website. The studio is currently closed but will reopen on Saturday at 7 am.

    Misha Repose Club
    Misha Repose Club
  4. Misha Repose Club

    Misha Repose Club is a well-regarded wellness center in Tehran, Iran, offering a range of services including massage, skin care, Pilates, and yoga. It’s located at East Daneshvar, Tehran Province, Tehran. The club is open until 6 pm, providing ample time to schedule a relaxing massage or attend a calming yoga or Pilates session. With a Google rating of 4.0, it’s a popular choice among locals for quality wellness and fitness services. For more information about their offerings, you can visit their website or call them directly.


Further Pilates Classes in Tehran

S.NoGym NameAddressContact NumberCoach Name
1Zeytoon GymGhods City-West Daman Boulevard-Darakhti Street-Norani Alley Corner22072004Bahareh Atarri (Founder of Pilates Sport in Iran and President of Iranian Pilates Institute)
2Haya GymSadr West Highway to East-Kaveh North Entrance-Bahar South Street-Nikbakht Alley-Shahrbano Complex-Third FloorShokooh Sadat Mira Fazl-Mahnaz Attarian
3Fereshtemehr GymGhods City – Daman Boulevard-Darakhti Street -Fifth Alley -No. 488566448Niloufar Doroud- Soheila Azari
4City Sports HouseNarmak-Dardasht North-72nd East Street77451166Elahe Asadi
5Niavaran Gym 1Inside Niavaran Park22832170Gita Dehghani Mahmoudabadi
6Javan Gym 1Niavaran -Bahonar-After Yasser22717991Sadighe Rezaei Fereil
7Tolou GymBasij Highway -Zeynabiyeh Koy-Nazari Street-Aziz Zadeh Fahimi Street-Golestan Street-next to block 20919-2487656
8Mashkat GymMartyr Mohlatti City-Shahed Square-Golestan Third Street-Imam Khomeini Mosque22440570
9Sataragan-e-Esar GymTehranpars-Second Square-Jashnvar Street-Seyyed Al-Shohada Crossroads-Shahed Street77331421Officer Al-Sadat Khatami
10New GymShariati Street-Police Corner-No. 64188439319- 88409217
11Jeevan GymPasdaran-Golestan Sixth-No. 4422544555Atefeh Hosseinian
12Imam Ali Physical Education HallLavasan-e-Kuchak-Imam Khomeini Boulevard-Kandroo Intersection-Asadian Street26550053Afsaneh Masoumi
13Maroon GymLavasan-e-Kuchak-Imam Khomeini Boulevard-After Payam Junction-Rose Alley-No. 226569354Afsaneh Masoumi-Hanieh Adibian
14Borna GymGhods City- Farahzadi Boulevard-Sepehr West Street-After Darakhti Intersection-Before Golestan Second-No. 15388096051-88570780Soheila Azari
15Nafas GymValiasr Street-Opposite Mellat Park-Soltani Street-No. 5926290511Maryam Hashemi
16Aweer GymSattari North-Payambar Central Street-Hijrat Street-Bahonar Street-Beginning of Salimani-No. 1044010673Maryam Hashemi-Elham Ali Asgharzadeh Avliyayi
17Espad GymGhods City-Hormozan Street-Opposite vegetable market-Entrance to towers (1-2-3-4)-Next to tower basement floor beauty salon Pani88371174Niloufar Doroud
18Superior Skill GymMarzdaran- Between Eghtesad Novin Bank and Saman Bank44227139Nina Nazari
19Behesht GymValiasr- Above Park Way Crossroads-Opposite Lux Golden Restaurant-Mirsharifi Alley-No. 1122657570Sepideh Iravani-Elham Damirou
20Powerline GymAbove the Third Square of Tehranpars-East 212th Street77372314Mahtab Feyzi
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