Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

A Guide to Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

Looking for vegetarian restaurants in Tehran? Vegetarianism, veganism, and Iran may not sound like they go in the same sentence, but you’d be shocked, there is a growing number of eateries now catering to those who avoid the fabled koobideh kebab.

In recent years many vegetarian-only restaurants have popped up across the city which cater to those looking for a healthier option. Check out our list below; we’ve made it for you!

Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant (Pasdaran)

In the Pasdaran area of Tehran, you’ll find the fabulous Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant, which offers a range of meat-free meals which will even please the meat eaters of the city. Set in a renovated old house with a cool garden eating area to boot, you’ll feel relaxed with the delicious food on offer at this establishment.

Pure Vegetarian Cuisine

Located at the base of A.S.P Towers on the side of Kurdistan Motorway, this lovely little food place has several dishes inspired by European cuisine, especially French food. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant offers a wide range of foods to satisfy most taste buds.

Iranian Artists Forum Vegetarian Restaurant

So, the original vegetarian-only restaurant in Tehran, this restaurant on the right side of the Iranian Artist Forum in downtown Tehran has a good collection of foods to try out, including pizza for those not feeling too adventurous.

Agor Café

Not exactly a vegetarian restaurant, Agor offers a mix of both meat and vegetarian and vegan-only dishes for those looking for something different. Designed in an international manner the food offers a rich mix of different foods from several countries. So do try out our selection.


Also if you’re going out with some carnivores one night, might we suggest the several fantastic Indian restaurants in Tehran, which offer a fantastic selection of vegetarian dishes!

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