Free outdoor gyms across Tehran

Outdoor gyms across Tehran

Did you know there are dozens of great ways to keep fit in Tehran for free! Yes, the Tehran Municipality over the past decade has installed outdoor gyms across the capital’s parks for those looking to get healthy for the cost of a taxi ride to a location.

Maybe you’re worried about the cost of a monthly gym membership? Or of signing up for a series of addictive-yet-expensive classes that you may or may not be able to attend, depending on your work/childcare/social schedule that particular month?

Perhaps you have “many other things to do” but you’re missing out, as outdoor gyms can be used on your work home from work, or during evenings and weekends, when many people are exercising can help you push yourself to work that bit harder.

Did we forget to say? Outdoor gyms are FREE to use, and they are situated across Tehran’s many parks you get that fresh outdoor evening air to keep you moving.

Where’s my nearest outdoor gym?

There are several gyms situated across Tehran, but you may have already spotted one near your home. But, if you haven’t already located one, there are several local and international websites which help you find the nearest one to where you are.

An international website, Calisthenics Parks,  is a user-friendly site that lists some of Tehran’s outdoor gyms, if you know of one which is not located on the map, you can help out and add and help others keep fit as well. Failing that, if you’re new to Tehran or just visiting briefly, you can find a comprehensive list of parks located on Google Maps here.

Not into public expressions of sweat?

If you prefer to privacy of an indoor gym, Tehran has several fantastic gyms which meet international standards – and prices! You can check out our previous write-up of Palladium Gym in the north of Tehran.


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