Leaning office tower of Tehran

It’s more than a lean, a new office building in Tehran’s Pardis Technology Park is turning heads with its epic tilt confusing many who drive past it.

The newly opened Turbosealtech office in Tehran has been designed to look like it is being eaten by the earth at one end, while the rectangular glass-panelled structure struts out towards the sky.

The new building is just one of the several interesting offices springing up in the high-tech park situated east of the capital in what has been dubbed as “Tehran silicon valley.”

The design firm’s other projects include Semnan City Hall complex, which appears like two lamp shades in tandem, and the interesting so-called “W” Meygoun residential complex.

The outdoor space maximises the green roof concept, a rare feat in Iran’s current urban mix and reduces the need for cooling in summer as the the windows face northwards.

“Turbosealtech”, designed by New Wave architecture.

The project is located in Pardis Technology Park, in the suburb of Tehran, which aims to provide a platform for people to research and innovate. Pardis Technology Park is made up of developments by architects from Iran, and this project continues this pattern of expressing the vision of Iranian architects through its design team.

Turbosealtech is a medium-size project and the area is 2500 square meters. The design approach focused on an interaction between technology, site, function, and landscape. With considerations toward continuity of site views, heat control, and function of the building, the form was generated. The volume of the building is drawn out of the ground, creating a visually beautiful skyline and harmony with the environment.

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