Balloonia Playhouse and Café

Balloonia Playhouse and Café in great for kids!

Balloonia Playhouse and Café is a great new location in north Tehran for those with small kids!

Many people with children will understand that having little ones in Tehran can be hard sometimes, as the city’s many cafes and restaurants have little as entertainment for the kids, whilst stressed out moms and dads need some respite to refuel.

Balloonia Playhouse and Café opened up in the city which hopes to help with feeding kids and keep them busy—at least for a short while!

There are plenty of activities for the kids to learn and play whilst you are taking five minutes break. Check out this video of the play area!


For expats in Tehran used to places like this abroad, you’ll find a professional environment with childminders to give you time to have some lunch and coffee with your friends.


Food and drinks

LIT went with our Kids in Tehran (KIT team) who found the staff to be more than helpful and at least the people there could take our order in broken Persian—score!

Food wise, the array of meals prepared for parents and children is also plentiful and there is something there for all tastes, including mini pizzas for the kids, Chicken (e)Stroganoff, and soup to name a few items.

You’ll find quality coffees, smoothies, shakes and teas on offer, as well as iced drinks including Ice Latte, Ice Mocha and non-alcoholic Margarita for the moms!

One special option is for people with small children where you’ll find mashed potatoes (our kids love this), “pinkie pies,” and Alfredo baby pasta options.

Opening times, the café is open from 10AM until 10PM most days, but public holidays are slightly different hours.


You will find the Balloonia Playhouse and Café at the Paramis Elite Building on East Maryam Street.

You can also reserve via Zlink.

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