Where to buy electric bikes in Tehran?

Can we get electric bikes in Tehran...Yes!

Can we get electric bikes in Tehran…Yes! A global trend in green transport is not missing Tehran and as such our intrepid researchers have had help this week via Mansour Kiaei on Twitter, our resident cyclist.

There is a common myth that electric bicycles are like scooters, but they are actually very similar to regular bicycles, but with an electric motor. The only significant difference in appearance is the inclusion of the electrical drive system. This includes a motor, a battery, and sometimes a display screen.

Riding bicycles in Tehran is not for the fainthearted, but the Tehran Municipality has significantly improved cycling infrastructure away from major thoroughfares to aid people getting around without breathing a mouthful of pollution from an old taxi chugging along next to them.

Can I buy electric bikes in Tehran?

Electric bikes in Tehran
Electric bikes in Tehran

Knowing that, our friends have discovered a local company E-V Tech who offers an array of e-bikes (or bikes boosted with a battery to aid pedalling). The company also offers e-bike conversion kits for those who already own a bike and wish to upgrade their transportation.

At the time of writing, prices start at IRT26mn (USD $1,000 using Bonbast.com conversion) for the OVERLORD model and to the Gamma model which retails at IRT45.5mn ($1,744).

There are several other local online stores which specialise in e-bikes, including IRScooter, CycleSport, among some of the brands operating in Tehran.

Where are electrical bike shops in Tehran?

Yes, if you look around Tehran you find many cycling shops, but the best area in the city to check out some of the best bikes across the capital is near Razi Square in Gomrok (Customs) area of the city. To get there you can reach the location via the BRT on Valiasr Street and jump off at Molavi. The shops in this district specialise in importing some of the most famous bicycle brands in the world, so there is something for everyone’s budget.


Feeling brave? Then check out our previous article on Tehran’s new E-scooter rental scheme!

Electric scooter scheme arrives in Tehran

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