Cheraghan Restaurant at Bam Land

Cheraghan for fine dining

Cheraghan Restaurant, located in Tehran’s Western Bam Land development on the edge of Chitgar Lake, is a restaurant producing some of the finest Persian meals available in the city.

Opening in 2018, with its pleasant ambiance and chic setting and style, this restaurant offers a unique menu mix which includes local favourites, a selection of international foods, and also coffee and cakes.

The restaurant is more than 600 square metres and has a capacity of more than 100 patrons. The large terrace of the restaurant also offers guests access to the mountainous landscapes surrounding the complex.


What food is there?

Also, Cheraghan Restaurant in Tehran offers Iranian classics including, rice and stew dishes, just like Maman used to make!

The restaurant offers a bespoke dining experience as well as authentic Iranian flavours including saffron laced rice and weekly specials on the board.

Where is Cheraghan Restaurant?

You can find map and directions to Cheraghan Restaurant here.

Are you looking for a shopping and dining experience with the added benefit of dining next to a lake? Then you may not have heard about Bam Land,  one of Tehran’s newest shopping centres in the west of the city.

Regarding location, Bam Land is situated in the newly created District 22 area of Tehran, which is home to some of the most significant developments the city has ever seen.

Shopper can enjoy a wide variety of brands, some well-known, indoor and outside the main complex, while also eating at one of the several al fresco eating areas looking over the Persian Gulf Lake, which was recently created to cool the city.

The architects of Bam Land have taken design inspiration from historical Iranian architecture of the south of the country, combining it with contemporary twists.

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