Jordan Street in Tehran

Jordan Street in Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, boasts numerous neighborhoods that have captivated residents and visitors for decades. Among these, the Jordan, situated around the street once called “Jordan” but now renamed Nelson Mandela Street. This bustling boulevard on a hill stands out as one of the most luxurious and sought-after areas, with its tall towers and an influx of capital investments.

The Charm of Jordan Neighborhood

Jordan neighborhood, flanked by Elahiyeh, Davoudiyeh, and other historic districts, presents a unique blend of history and modernity. Tall towers dot the skyline, symbolizing the wealth and progress that has transformed the area into a prime location for living and working.

Location and Accessibility

Known initially as Jordan Street, the neighborhood now bears the name Nelson Mandela Street or Africa Street. If you plan to explore Jordan, you can disembark at Haqqani or Mirdamad station and easily navigate this beautiful, modern area with a brief walk or taxi ride. Interestingly, the neighborhood has undergone several name changes. American educator Samuel Jordan first inspired the name Jordan Street during the Pahlavi era.

Post-revolution, the area became known as Africa Boulevard. However, the street was renamed in his honor after Nelson Mandela’s death. Despite these changes, the moniker ‘Jordan’ remains popular among locals and ex-pats alike, no offense to Mr. Mandela.

The Transformation of Jordan Street

Much like other historic areas in Tehran, Jordan was once scrubland. Over time, the favorable climate attracted nomads who grazed their sheep.

Gradually, land in the area was bought cheaply, and construction began when apartment living gained popularity. Post-revolution, in 1978 (1357 in the Persian calendar), construction and investments increased, turning Jordan into one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Tehran.

Famous singers like Hayedeh and Googoosh used to live on the road before emigrating to the US after the revolution.

Amenities in Jordan Area

Prospective renters often prioritize neighborhood amenities, and Jordan is good.

From educational and recreational facilities to medical centers and shopping hubs, Jordan offers its residents a wide range of amenities.

You’ll also find luxury stores stocked with foreign goods, well-equipped specialized hospitals, and numerous pharmacies.

For recreation, Jordan houses beautiful parks, including Mellat Park, Water and Fire Park, and Taleghani Park, some of the most famous green spaces in the area.

The Tabiat Bridge, another landmark in the Jordan neighborhood, attracts countless visitors with its unique design and houses several restaurants and cafes.

Moreover, the area boasts numerous commercial office buildings. Despite higher rental and purchase prices than other Tehran neighborhoods, Jordan remains desirable due to its excellent facilities and easy access to vital highways.

With its rich history, modern appeal, and superior amenities, the Jordan neighborhood in Tehran offers a living experience like no other. Jordan’s unique charm will captivate you whether you plan to relocate or visit.


The Jordan area is a great place if you’re visiting or looking to stay in Tehran for a while. It’s well located in terms of amenities and access to highways like Sadr, Hemmat and Modares, while it remains walkable.!


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