Mexican Corn Recipe

Mexican Corn Recipe

Mexican Corn, known as “Zurāt-e Meksiki” in Persian, has become a popular street food in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This fusion dish has taken the city by storm, with street vendors and food stalls offering their unique takes on this globally-loved snack.

The vibrant and bustling streets of Tehran come alive with the rich aroma of sautéed corn and mushrooms, delicately flavored with local spices and herbs. Although the recipe has been adapted to suit Iranian tastes, its essence remains true to its Mexican roots.

Despite the cold winters in Tehran, the warmth of Mexican Corn, served hot, draws food lovers from all corners, making it a sought-after treat, especially during the chilly autumn and winter seasons.

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Is it different from Mexican Corn, though?

Mexican corn is a tasty and popular snack worldwide. The authenticity of this delicious snack, as its name implies, belongs to Mexico. However, the Mexican corn that is common in Iran is very different from the Mexican corn in Mexico.

This snack is prepared in different ways, most of these recipes are a matter of taste. In this part of Namnak, read how to make homemade and delicious Mexican corn. Mexican corn, because it is served hot, has more fans in the autumn and winter seasons​1​.

Mexican Corn
Mexican Corn

Ingredients for Mexican Corn

  • Corn: 500 grams
  • Salt, black and red pepper: as needed
  • Mushroom: 250 grams
  • Pizza cheese: 100 grams
  • Mayonnaise sauce: 3 tablespoons
  • Butter: 2 tablespoons
  • Liquid oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Thyme: 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh lime or lemon juice: 1 tablespoon​1​.

How to Make Mexican Corn with Mushrooms

Step One:

To prepare Mexican corn, first wash the mushrooms, then chop them into medium rings. Then pour some water into a suitable pot and let the water boil. Also add lemon juice to the boiling water. Add the chopped mushrooms to the boiling water in the pot.

Step Two:

After adding the mushrooms, let them stay in the pot for a boil, then quickly drain the mushrooms and put them under cold water.

Step Three:

Pour butter and liquid oil into a suitable pot with the volume of the ingredients and place it on low heat until the butter in the pot melts​1​.

Step Four:

Next, you should add the corn to the butter and sauté it on very high heat until the corn takes on the taste and aroma of the butter and softens a bit​1​.

Step Five:

Add the mushrooms that you have drained to the sautéed corn and mix them together​1​.

Step Six:

Add the Mexican corn spices (salt, thyme, black and red pepper) to the corn and mushroom mixture and sauté until the spices are fully mixed with your ingredients​1​.

Step Seven:

Thin the mayonnaise sauce with a mixer, then add it to the above mixture and mix​1​.

Step Eight:

After combining the sauce with the Mexican corn ingredients, gradually add the pizza cheese to the corn. Of course, the amount of cheese depends on your liking​

And then you’re done! 

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