Where to buy furniture in Tehran?

Looking to furnish your home in Tehran? Whether you prefer locally made furniture crafted with precision or seek out imported pieces from renowned brands, the city has a variety of options to cater to your needs.

From the vibrant Yaftabad District, where you can explore local craftsmanship and find furniture to suit any budget, to exclusive brand stores offering imported designs, Tehran offers a diverse range of choices for furnishing your space. Discover the best places to buy furniture in Tehran and transform your home into a haven of style and comfort.

Yaftabad District

Where to Buy Furniture in Tehran

Yaftabad District: Home to the Best Furniture Shops in Tehran When it comes to purchasing furniture in Tehran, the Yaftabad District is the place to go. Located in the southern part of the city, Yaftabad is known for its numerous furniture shops that cater to various budgets. Whether you’re on a low or medium budget or looking for high-end options, you’ll find a wide range of furniture stores in this district. Many of these shops import elegant designs and quality materials from countries like Turkey. Yaftabad is also home to shopping malls and other retail establishments, making it a vibrant and convenient destination for furniture shopping.

Yaftabad Furniture

Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market

Tehran’s Largest Furniture Market Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market is not only the largest furniture market in Tehran but also in Iran. This market has been a hub for the production and sale of wooden crafts and furniture for many years. Over time, it has become the go-to place for furniture buying and selling in Tehran. With more than 8,000 furniture shops, this market offers a vast selection of furniture for every taste and budget. In addition to serving the local market, Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market also exports its goods to other cities in Iran and even other countries.

How to get to Yaft Abad?

To reach Yaft Abad District, you can take the metro to Nematabad or Azadegan stations on Line 3 (blue line) of the Tehran Metro. From there, a short taxi ride will bring you to Yaft Abad, the heart of furniture shopping in Tehran.

Iran Furniture Market 1

Iran Furniture Market 2:

A Popular Choice for Tehran Residents Located in Yaft Abad, Iran Furniture Market 2 is a well-known furniture market in Tehran. With numerous furniture shops, it offers a diverse selection of furniture styles, models, and prices. The market is divided into two sections. The first two floors house unique furniture shops that cater to various needs, including home and office furniture. The second section, on the other side of the highway, offers furniture-related products and workshops specializing in couch production. This market is a favorite among Tehran residents due to its variety and competitive prices.

Iran Furniture Market 1

Iran Furniture Market 3:

Modern Commercial Space for Furniture Shopping Iran Furniture Market 3 has been operating since 2011, offering a modern commercial space for home and office furniture, curtains, fabrics, and furniture decorations. Spanning 70,000 square meters, this nine-story building features a wide range of amenities, including passenger elevators, parking facilities, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and a conference hall. It hosts over a hundred renowned brands, making it a comprehensive destination for furniture shopping in Tehran.

List Of Top Furniture Shops In Tehran Iran Furniture Market 3

ShopLocation In Iran Furniture Market 3Tel. No.
MidasB41+98 21 66 19 31 85/86
MajanB40021 66 19 31 91
SantiaB35021 66 19 31 73
DianaB33021 66 19 30 52
SalooniB31021 66 19 31 67
Gallery ParsaB30021 66 19 31 87
CandidaB26021 66 19 3006
Farest MoblG35021 66 19 30 47

Chahardangeh Furniture Market:

A Hub for Furniture Manufacturing Chahardangeh Furniture Market, situated in the 19th district of Tehran, is known for its numerous furniture manufacturing factories. This market is part of the Chahardangeh industrial town, which encompasses a wide range of production centers and is one of the largest furniture markets in Iran. The proximity of Chahardangeh to Yaft Abad makes it a convenient option for furniture shopping, as it is just a short drive away.

Aftab Furniture Market

Moallem Street & Aftab Furniture Market

Just beyond the central Yaftabad area, there is also another part which many people miss. On the other side of Sa’idi Motorway, towards Moallem Square, you can find several workshops selling the same items as the central area for a significant discount.

Delavaran Furniture Bazaar


Furniture for Every Budget Delavaran Furniture Market is a famous furniture market in Tehran located on Delavaran Street. This market offers a wide range of furniture models at different price points, making it suitable for every budget. With many furniture shops to choose from, you’ll find modern, classic, and office furniture, as well as various accessories such as bed sets, LCD TV tables, and dining tables.

Valiasr Furniture Market

Classic Furniture and Comfy Sofas Valiasr Furniture Market, situated in the Valiasr Complex on Vahdat Street, specializes in classic furniture and comfy sofas. The market is home to furniture manufacturers and retailers, offering a wide range of products at reasonable prices. With its convenient location, this market attracts those looking for quality furniture to complement their home decor.


Exir Tehran
Exir Tehran

Exir Store is just north of Vanak Square in Tehran is one of the most exciting shopping experiences one can have while living here. The store, which is very international in its tastes is spread over several floors and oozes contemporary chic. Exir is no counterfeit house either, it has some of the best-branded items one can find in any of the other regional markets.

North Valiasr Street

If you’ve wandered down Valiasr Street around Park Saiee area, you will be amazed at the number of established furniture and sofa stores. However, if you are looking for a particular brand, you will need to walk up and down the street for a couple of hours. The price range of this area is at the upper end of local pricing, so don’t expect to buy something cheap!

Imam Hossein Square

Imam Hussein Square Furniture
Imam Hussein Square

This location is the perfect place to buy second hand and vintage furniture. Also, it has become the place where hipsters go to find all sorts of nicknacks for their homes. From old 1930s leather sofas to wood dining tables, Imam Hossein Square is an ideal location for those on a shoestring budget.

Khavaran Furniture Market

A Wide Selection of Furniture Khavaran Furniture Market is another prominent furniture market in Tehran. It is surrounded by workshops producing wooden accessories, home and office furniture, and other related products. The market features a diverse range of furniture styles and offers competitive prices. With its large number of furniture shops, including classic sofas, Chester sofas, and handwoven carpets, Khavaran is a go-to destination for furniture shoppers.

Jajrood Furniture Market

Jajrood Furniture Market is located on the eastern side of Tehran, about 20 kilometers away, along the Abali Road (also known as the old Pardis Road). It is situated in an area called Kamard, which serves as a gateway to the northern regions of the country, making it a busy thoroughfare for travelers heading north. To learn more about this market, read the following comprehensive article.


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