7 Best Burger Places in North Tehran

After living in the Iranian capital for a while, it’s pretty evident that there are just too many fast food places around us. But we can make your choices a little more straightforward by picking out a few great eateries if you happen to be in the Northern area of the city.

Burger Zoghali  – Qeytarieh

The prices are incredibly reasonable; it’s a golden oldie and has been around for the past decade living up to its name with the lovely grill taste of cheeseburgers. Their steak rolls are also scrumptious that come with lettuce and sauce. Burger Zoghali even gives us what the locals call a nostalgic pizza. This refers to the way small pizzas were made back in the 1980s in Tehran. Burger Zoghali is situated opposite the southern gate of Qeytarieh Park, making it an excellent opportunity to collect your meal and have a picnic in the park during the warmer months. Zoghali’s other branch is located in Zafar, close to Mirdamad.

Burger Land – Andarzgoo Street

Just a street up from Qeytarieh, you can turn right into Andarzgoo Street and try out Burger Land (its original branch). This venue is undoubtedly more expensive than Zoghali but has great reviews, probably due to their delicious juicy burgers and modern setting. The brand opened in 2012 and now has two other branches in the capital, east (Tehranpars) and west (Saadat Abad). The brand quickly rose to fame over its celebrity owners (Barobax pop music band) and of course the quality of the burgers. Burger Land is said to be selling more than 2000 burgers on a daily basis from its three branches.

Tehran Burger – Niavaran

If you’ve worked yourself up a huge appetite, then this is the place to be! Tehran Burger is well-known for its quantity of the burgers as well as quality. You can try out the double burgers, triples and even quad burgers if you think you can munch on such a thing. The meat at this joint is blatantly fresh every day, just because it’s always packed with customers. The beef gets used every 24 hours, and nothing is left over the next day. The extras added to the burgers include cheese, mushroom, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and the exotic jalapeño pepper. Tehran Burger also has a second branch in Saadat Abad (west Tehran).

Garage Grill – Niavaran

This place is fun and great for the weekend. It has an adventurous theme of feeling like you’re back in the 1980s chilling among old cars that come with the decoration and interior design of the small restaurant. The taste of the burgers is juicy, delicious and they seem quite healthy compared to other places, thanks to the fresh brown wholegrain rolls of the bread and veggie ingredients. There have also been positive reviews about their desserts.

Manhattan Grill – Darband Street

Fancy being in a pop culture-like environment with quality food during dinner time? Then this restaurant is undoubtedly your thing. As you can tell by the name, the fast food at this venue is very western-based. It’s great to visit whenever you’re feeling slightly homesick and need a change of atmosphere and enjoy a delicious meal of course. The fresh, cheesy American style pizzas here are also strongly recommended. Customers will also experience a kind, helpful and friendly service.

Bobby Sands Burger Bar- Tajrish

Strange, but true! This burger joint was named after the IRA hunger striker. Of course, no one goes hungry here! This eatery was founded in 1982 (a year after Sand’s death). The burger shack is almost as famous as Bobby Sands himself. There are plenty of various burgers to choose from, and all of them are served with protein-enriched walnuts. This is an excellent opportunity to stop and eat after a long shop around in the famously crowded Tajrish.

Barooj – Ajudanieh


The great choice of side dishes, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and pizzas are not the only features at this classy looking place. Excellent service from the staff is always a welcoming attribute and so is the ample space whether you choose to sit upstairs or downstairs. During the warmer months, why not sit on the balcony under the umbrellas in the open air. One would surely forget that this is a fast-food restaurant. Barooj also has a second branch in Saadat Abad.

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