Park Saei, a must-to-see attraction in Tehran

Park Saei in Tehran

Located in Vali-e-Asr Street – itself an attractive place to spend time due to its many shopping centers and being the longest street in the Middle East with its nearly 18-kilometer length, Park Saie has long been among the locations which have its place in the memory of most Iranians living in Tehran.

As soon as you get there, you’ll find lovely scenes featured by different types of trees in their large number. You can either have a pleasant walk through the windy paths of the park or you can take a seat on benches here and there to enjoy its beauty. Picnicking is a good idea too, as there are many gazebos quite suitable for a lovely stay.

The Beauty of the Old Park

With its rich greenery of grass and trees, which turns to other colors in autumn, Park Saei is a good place for those loving photography. Despite its location in the middle of the city, you can barely hear the sound of traffic or cars when just a dozen meters inside the park.

There’s a lot more to enjoy. Different statues, including those of animals, are there too, along with many chess tables that can be found around the park to keep the people busy.

Park Saie is also an attractive place for children as real animals can be found as well; rabbits, squirrels, and birds from peacocks, pigeons, and pheasants to ducks, swans, and other seabirds, although there were plans to transfer the birds to Tehran’s Birds Garden to keep them in better conditions.

History of Park Saei

Park Saei is as large as 12 hectares. It was first created in 1945 by Karim Saei, an engineer known as the founder of Iran’s natural resources sciences. He later handed over the park to the agriculture ministry. The park has been dubbed Saei in honor of his precious efforts to create this beautiful place.

How to get there?

Due to its central location, reaching Park Saie is very quick and simple. You can reach there by either taking the BRT 7th bus line and dropping off at Abshar station or by taking the Line 3 metro and reaching the Mirza Shirazi station.

Due to its massive size, Park Saie is accessible both from the Vali-e-Asr Street or Vozara (Khaled Islamboli) Street.

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