Hiring Filipino Nanny in Iran

Hiring Filipino Nanny in Iran

There has been a growing trend in hiring a Filipino Nanny among Iranian families, particularly in affluent uptown neighborhoods of Tehran.

While some parents may prefer these nannies due to their English language proficiency and potential cost-effectiveness, others are concerned about the potential cultural and developmental implications for their children.

However, it may surprise some, but this has become an uptown trend for many international families and expats in Tehran in recent years.

Also, this trend began in the United Arab Emirates and gradually reached Tehran. However, there is no specific date when the movement started.

Filipino Nanny

Why Choose a Filipino Nanny?

Interestingly, the rise in hiring Filipino nannies can largely be attributed to their ability to speak English, a trait desired by parents who frequently travel abroad or wish to immerse their child in a second language from a young age.

In addition, Filipino nannies often perform household tasks such as cooking and cleaning, providing a convenient, all-around service for busy parents.

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The Cost of Hiring a Filipino Nanny

It’s important to understand that while Filipino nannies might be perceived as a cheaper alternative, they often calculate their services in US dollars due to their foreign status.

Although, they may not necessarily receive payment in dollars, their salary expectations can be quite high considering the scope of services they provide, from child care to language tutoring and household chores.

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Can a Filipino Nanny Make Your Child a Native English Speaker?

Parents expecting their child to attain native-level English proficiency through a Filipino nanny may need to rethink their strategy.

So, even though Filipino nanny have a decent command of English, it is their second language and their proficiency level might not be sufficient to elevate your child’s language skills to a native standard.

Moreover, their accent might not be the ideal model for learning English pronunciation.

Filipino Nanny

Drawbacks of Hiring a Filipino Nanny

The increasing trend of hiring foreign child nanny has not been without its challenges. Hiring a Filipino nurse, particularly those who belong to a lower socio-economic status in their home country, might not yield the expected expertise and experience.

However, some parents who have opted for Filipino over experienced Iranians have faced issues such as their child’s inadequate grasp of Persian, lack of integration with Iranian culture, diminished connection with their parents, and the adoption of a Filipino accent.

Additionally, children may miss out on learning about Iranian food and recreational activities, and may struggle to connect with their peers at school, leading to feelings of isolation.

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Should You Hire a Filipino in Tehran?

Also, Hiring a Filipino nanny is not inherently good or bad; it depends on your family’s needs and circumstances. If you are planning to emigrate, travel frequently, or can’t take an Iranian nanny along, hiring a Filipino nanny might be a viable option.

However, it’s essential to manage your expectations about the potential benefits. The competence and performance of a Filipino nurse might not be guaranteed in the same way as those dispatched from a reputable Iranian child nursing center.

Foreign families in Tehran
Tehran hosts many foreign families from Asia and Africa.

Advantages of Hiring a Filipino Child Carer:

  • Multilingual: Filipino child nanny are usually bilingual and can introduce a new language to your child.
  • Domestic assistance: Apart from child care, they can help with household chores and meal preparation.
  • Flexibility: They are often willing to live in, offering greater flexibility and availability for working parents.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Filipino Nanny in Tehran:

  • Cultural integration: Children may struggle to connect with their Iranian heritage, including language and customs.
  • Emotional connection: Children might feel a diminished emotional connection with their parents.
  • Language proficiency: Despite their English-speaking ability, a Filipino child nanny might not provide the high level of language instruction needed for your child to become a native English speaker.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Filipino Nanny:

  • Assess your family’s needs: Consider whether hiring a foreign child nanny aligns with your family’s needs and expectations.
  • Language goals: If your main goal is to introduce your child to English, evaluate if a Filipino can meet this expectation.
  • Cultural considerations: Think about how you can ensure your child stays connected to their heritage.
  • Legal implications: Check whether the employment of foreign domestic workers is legal and ethical in your country and what the obligations are for the employer.
  • Background check: Regardless of nationality, always conduct a thorough background check of your prospective child nanny.

Alternatives to Hiring a Filipino Nanny:

  • Iranian Nannies: Local, experienced nannies can provide cultural and language compatibility.
  • Language tutors: If your main objective is to teach your child English, consider hiring a professional language tutor.
  • Nanny sharing: Consider sharing a nanny with another family. This way, your child can also develop their social skills.
  • Daycare and child centers: These provide a regulated environment for your child’s development and interaction with other children.
  • Filipino Nanny


The decision to hire a Filipino child nanny should be made carefully, considering all the potential advantages and disadvantages. If you require assistance in hiring a nanny for child care, reach out to professional support services to guide you through the process.

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