Chitgar Park, Tehran: A guide

Chitgar Park has it all!


Located in Tehran’s District 22, Chitgar Park is a sprawling green haven extending over 1,450 hectares. Recognized for its lush coniferous cover, this park was conceptualized to enhance oxygen levels in Iran’s bustling capital. Its multi-purpose approach, offering various recreational facilities, from cycling tracks to picnic spots, makes it a cherished spot for group activities. Whether you’re seeking a family outing or a day immersed in nature, Chitgar Park delivers an unforgettable experience.

For the Fitness Enthusiasts

Running enthusiasts can relish Chitgar Park’s extensive trail system, which encompasses asphalt roads, a 5 km boardwalk encircling Chitgar Lake, and multiple dirt trails meandering through the forest. There’s also a dedicated 5 km cycling loop in the park’s southeast section, promising a thrilling ride amidst nature. Just remember to keep an eye out for other trail users!

Accessing Chitgar Park

Reaching Chitgar Park is straightforward, thanks to the Tehran-Karaj freeway. At the freeway’s onset, follow the exit leading to the park, and you’ll be greeted by picturesque pine tree avenues. Alternatively, the park is also Metro-accessible.

Picnic in the Park

Once in the park, settle down for a picnic in its verdant expanse. There are fixed cement grills available for a delightful barbeque experience, or you could opt for dining at one of the park’s restaurants at the far side: Tashrifat, Morvarid, Barad, or the Nights of Golestan restaurant.

Recreational Activities

Chitgar Park is renowned for its cycling tracks, catering to both professionals and casual riders. There’s a dedicated track for women, and bicycles are available for rent. Additionally, you can enjoy skating or even horse riding at the park’s club.

Marvel at Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake, a striking artificial waterbody in the park’s northern region, spans across 130 hectares. Sourced from Kan Creek, this lake enhances the park’s allure while serving a crucial environmental role. Alongside its picturesque beauty, Chitgar Lake features various recreational facilities, including amusement parks, wildlife islands, and more, promoting an immersive and enjoyable outdoor experience. There is also a great shopping experience at the far side of the lake in the form of Bamland Shopping Mall, which has a great selection of different restaurants.

The Making of Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake, also known as Persian Gulf Lake, is a testament to strategic planning and collaborative efforts. Conceived in 1968, the lake’s construction was delayed due to engineering and financial challenges. Finally, after eight years of intense planning (2003-2010), this virtual lake was realized. Today, its stunning presence not only boosts Tehran’s aesthetics but also aids in mitigating seasonal flooding and replenishing aquifers.

Chitgar Lake: A Structural Masterpiece

Adorned with captivating visual elements, Chitgar Lake has become a prominent tourist attraction. It stretches 130 hectares wide and reaches depths of approximately 10 meters, solely fed by Kan Lake. The lake complex spans an additional 120 hectares, hosting various entertainment and welfare facilities, enhancing the visitor experience. Ultimately, Chitgar Lake and Chitgar Park stand as significant contributors to Tehran’s environmental health and its residents’ well-being.

Where is Chitgar Park?

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