Learn Persian in Tehran

Learn Persian in Tehran


The International Center for Persian Studies at the University of Tehran, also known as the Dehkhoda Institute, is an exceptional institution dedicated to Persian language in Tehran.

With a rich history and an ever-evolving approach, the Dehkhoda Institute is an excellent destination for anyone interested in the Persian language and culture while also being immersed in Tehran​​.

Can I learn Farsi?

Ok! The terms “Persian” and “Farsi” both refer to the same language, but they come from different linguistic and cultural contexts. “Farsi” is the native name of the language as it is spoken in Iran and is used by speakers of the language itself.

On the other hand, “Persian” is the English name for the language and is derived from the historical and cultural term “Persia” that was used to refer to Iran in the Western world until 1935 when the country officially requested that it be referred to as “Iran”.

About the Dekhoda Institute

The Institute has been offering on-campus Persian courses since 1989, educating more than 23,000 students. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, online Persian teaching courses have been added since 2019, with around 684 students joining. Normal service has now resumed since the end of the pandemic and you can again study in-situ.

Which courses does Dekhoda offer?

Persian courses in Tehran

So, at Dehkhoda Institute, you can find a variety of Persian language courses tailored to different learning needs and schedules. These include:

  • The Persian Alphabet Course: A two-week intensive course without any gaps in between​​.
  • Persian Twice a Week Course: Comprising three 90-minute sessions each week with two 15-minute breaks, this course spans nine weeks with a one-week gap in between each course​​.
  • Persian Three-Day-a-Week Course: Another flexible option for learners​.
  • Persian Five-Day-a-Week Course: Ideal for an immersive, intensive learning experience​.

What else does Dekhoda offer?

Also, In addition to language learning, Dehkhoda also offers enriching literature and culture courses. These are an integral part of the learning experience at Dehkhoda, providing insights into Iranian culture and the rich literature of the Iranians​​.

Are there advanced Persian courses?

Absolutely! Literature courses include comprehensive explorations of Persian contemporary poetry and the works of notable Iranian poets such as Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Maulana, Saadi, and Hafez​​.

The institute also offers courses on iconic Iranian works such as Shahnameh Ferdowsi, Divan of Hafez, Manteq-o-Tair Attar Neishabouri, Masnavi Ma’navi, and Ghazaliyat e Shams​.

Explore Tehran

Exploring Iran While Studying Persian

At Dehkhoda, the academic calendar is designed to keep the explorer in you in mind.

Each 6-week session is followed by one or two weeks off, offering you ample opportunities to travel around the country and absorb its diverse culture and history.

Whether you choose to discover the bustling city of Tehran or venture to other vibrant cities, the immersive experience will be integral to your Persian language learning journey.

Even if your stay aligns with just one session, the weekends, national holidays (which are abundant in Iran), and free afternoons can be wisely used to explore the city of Tehran and its surrounds. Over a span of 6 weeks, you’ll find countless opportunities for cultural exploration.

And whether you’re traveling on a shoestring budget or time is your constraint, Iran’s comprehensive network of buses and quick domestic flights make travel both affordable and time-efficient.

Enrollment Process and Cost of Studying at Dehkhoda

Enrolling at Dehkhoda is a straightforward process. Prospective students need to apply on the institute’s website. After this, a visa approval is typically granted within about three months, which the institute sends via email. When it comes to the cost of studying, prices have been deemed reasonable by past students. However, since prices in Iran fluctuate, it’s advised to check the current fee structure on the institute’s website.

Vanak Tehran
Vanak Tehran

Living in Tehran as a Student

As a student at Dehkhoda, you’ll be provided accommodation in one of the institute’s dormitories. The institute has two dormitories available: one in North Tehran (Velenjak) and the other in Tehran’s city center (Enghelab). While renting an apartment in Tehran is generally not an option for students, the dormitories provide a comfortable living space and a chance to interact with fellow students.

The Unforgettable Experience of Learning Persian in Iran

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Persian skills, studying Persian in Iran offers an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to live in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, or Isfahan, while making significant progress in the Persian language, is unparalleled. Experience Persian language learning like never before with the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and International Center for Persian Studies.

Tuition Fees for the Dehkhoda Persian Alphabet, Persian twice a week, Persian three times a week, Persian five times a week, and Persian literature and art courses are as follows:

Persian Learning CoursesFees in IRR for each levelFees in € for each level
Persian Alphabet Course4.750.000 15
Twice a week Courses47.500.000 150
Three times a week Course23.700.00075
Five days a week Courses47.500.000150 
Persian Literature Courses14.000.000 45


Persian Language Teaching Complementary Courses

Tuition Fees for the Dehkhoda Persian Language Teaching Complementary Courses are as follows.

Persian Language Teaching Complementary CoursesFees in IRRFees in €
Farsi Language Conversation 13.400.00011
Farsi Language Conversation 23.400.00011
An Introduction to Iranian Cinema3.400.00011
Persian Writing3.400.00011
Stories of Shahnameh Ferdowsi3.400.00011
Farsi Script Writing5.700.00018
Persian Nastaliq Writing5.700.00018
Farsi Broken Nastaliq Writing5.700.00018
Iranian Newspaper6.900.00022
Persian Music (Choral)Free for the Students of DehkhodaFree for the Students of Dehkhoda


To find information about the above-mentioned Persian Alphabet, Persian twice a week, Persian three times a week, Persian five times a week, and Persian literature and art starting date, please visit Persian Course Timetable.

Persian Courses Fee Policy

  • Dehkhoda Student Visa holders shall pay for the tuition fee after their arrival to Iran.
  • A domestic debit card machine is available on the 2nd flr., room # 64.
  • The receipt of the tuition fee which can be paid at any bank should be brought back to the Admission Office before the Farsi teaching course starting date.
  • The deposit becomes non-refundable immediately upon registration in any Persian course; however, it can be saved and be used for another Farsi course.
  • International cards (e.g. Visa card or Master card) are not working in Iran for the time being.

Important Note:
As the Farsi courses’ tuition Fees should be paid in IRR, and the Euro value is changing, you are required to ask the education department on +98-21-22731473, ext.: 218 or WhatsApp number +989392214380 to ensure how much you should pay at the beginning of each Persian term.

How to Pay for the Persian Courses

You can pay for the online or in-campus course Fees through one of the following methods:
1. Using University of Tehran account number and Dehkhoda deposit ID.
Note: Mentioning the deposit ID is obligatory.

Dehkhoda account number 4001070103006825
Deposit ID329070174140120000000004600401


  1. Using University of Tehran SHEBA number and Dehkhoda deposit ID.
    Note:Mentioning the deposit ID is obligatory.
SHEBA NumberIR830100004001070103006825
Deposit ID329070174140120000000004600401


Note: Please check for the exact price of the online Farsi courses in IRR with Dehkhoda before payment.
If you have any questions, please contact us via WhatsApp: +989392214380 or dehkhoda@ut.ac.ir




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