Kids centre Karbazia at Tehran’s Milad Tower

Karbazia is fun for kids of all ages!

Interested in finding a place to take the kids one weekend in Tehran? Well, we’ve got a treat for you with this recently opened centre for children at the base of Milad Tower in the west of the city.

Called Karbazia “Work & Play” the centre opened in Nowruz this year (March 2018), the centre allows children to learn about several jobs including being a mechanic, policeman, airline pilot and much more.

Dedicated to children ages 2-13, the centre aims to show what the world of work is like, but positioned in a way that allows kids to have fun still!

The activities in Karbazia include handicrafts, cooking houses, labs, post offices, hospitals, aircraft, music academies, stores, fire stations, news studios, police, mechanical, test site (driving), theatres, sand games and robotics.

Karbazia states that children will also learn about teamwork, creativity, recreation and responsibility.

The centre welcomes group tours as well as birthday parties, but it is advisable to contact the centre beforehand to make sure there is room in the hugely popular play centre.

If you’re in the area, why not make a day of it and head up the tower (tickets can be purchased at the entrance) or even more check out Tehran’s only dolphinarium!

Where is Karbazia?




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