Top websites for renting and buying in Tehran

Are you interested in renting or buying a property in Tehran? There are several excellent websites available which list apartments, villas and cottages across the Tehran region. Foreigners can purchase property in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran, but there are some preconditions which must be met including work visa. is a bilingual website in Persian and English which has listings for both renting and buying. For foreigners, this is probably the most user-friendly website in the city. Property owners are responsible for their listings and information provided is written by the owners or real estate agents listing the property.

Alounak is a recently developed website, currently only available in Persian. The website differs from others by listing registered real estate agents and their properties. Searches on Alounak can be done by selecting the specific neighbourhood of interest and local agents in that area will show you what they currently have on offer.

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Delta Real Estate is a bilingual Persian and English listings website, which offers rental properties in IRR and US dollar. Properties on this website are usually located in the northern areas of Tehran on the English version of the site and specifically dedicated to the foreign buyer.

Eskano is a recently developed website only available in Persian, which offers property listings for different areas in Tehran. The interface is very easy and designed like websites from abroad, but you will need help searching the listings on the site.

Again, another Persian-only website Moshaver has several thousands of listings for people looking for property in and around the Tehran region. and

If you’re looking for property to buy or rent in other areas across Tehran, you can try these two startup websites. You can try either Sheypoor or Divar. The two sites are private listings websites where you can purchase everything from property to home furnishings and more. Unfortunately, both websites are still only in Persian, so you may need assistance from locals who can type in the neighbourhood name – if you are looking for a specific area.

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