Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Tehran

How to use the BRT in Tehran

Introduction to Tehran’s BRT System

Bus Rapid Transit, widely known as BRT, has become a game-changer in public transportation in several major global cities.

Now, Iran has effectively integrated this system, significantly simplifying commuting within its bustling capital, Tehran.

The difference this has made in connecting between north and south as well as east and west in the city has radically helped people get around avoiding the need to drive or take a taxi.

The Evolution of Public Transportation in Iran

Historically, buses were the primary mode of public transportation in Iran. Over the years, the transportation landscape in the country has evolved tremendously.

The old-fashioned red and double-decker buses of the 50s and 60s have been replaced by modern “bendy-buses”, creating a network capable of serving thousands of commuters daily.

The buses also have their own dedicated lanes along the major roads in Tehran, avoiding the need mostly to get caught in traffic. However, it does still occur with crossroads and roundabouts where they share the lane with cars.

Valiasr BRT
SValiasr BRT

The Efficiency of Tehran’s BRT System

Tehran’s BRT system has earned a reputation for being one of the most efficient globally. Previous mayors have been praised for their benefit to the country’s citizens.

Besides its speed, the BRT system stands out due to its affordability, especially compared to Metro services.

However, the metro for foreigners is still insanely cheap compared with abroad. Read more about using the Tehran Metro here.

BRT: Connecting Tourist Spots and Everyday Locations

Tehran’s BRT system encompasses several tourist destinations and critical daily locations, making it indispensable for both locals and tourists.

Whether you’re traveling from east to west or heading from uptown to the city’s crowded downtown, Tehran’s BRT system promises convenience and speed.

There is a section for women at the back or front of the bus—depending on which bus they catch.

If you are leaving the city to go elsewhere, read our guide to leaving Tehran by coach.

Using your Travel Card

Much like other capitals around the world. Tehran’s public transport has become integrated with a single payment system. You can purchase these cards and recharge them at all Metro Stations underground, and many bus stops on the BRT.

These cards also work with regular buses across the city, however, there are some which are operated by private operators and may only accept cash.

An Overview of Tehran’s BRT Routes

With ten distinct routes, Tehran’s BRT system is a vital transportation medium that effectively connects different city points.

Each route is systematically planned, featuring a specific starting and ending point, a certain number of stops, and covering various distances, all to ensure a seamless and efficient commuting experience.

BRT Tehran

10-Lines: BRT Routes in Tehran

LinesStarting End Number of StopsDistance


Line 1Azadi TerminalsTehranpars x-road2718.5
Line 2Azadi TerminalsKhavaran Terminal2818.5
Line 3Science & Tech TerminalKhavaran Terminal2413.5
Line 4Tehran South TerminalAfshar Terminal2421.5
Line 5Science & Tech (Elm-o-san’at) TerminalArgentina Sq – Beyhaqi Terminal109.5
Line 6Chamran Highway- Afshar TerminalSohanak (Laleh Terminal)1714.5
Line 7Railway (southern part of Tehran)Tajrish (northern part of Tehran) (Valiasr Ave.)3618
Line 8Tehran South TerminalKhavaran Terminal67
Line 9Laleh TerminalJavanmard Ghassab Metro Station3434
Line 10Jannat Abad TerminalAzadegan Terminal2523.5


Map of Tehran BRT

Tehran BRT Application

You can also download a BRT application on Android phones.

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