Minimum Monthly Cost of Food in Tehran

Whether you are a foreigner or a local living in the Iranian capital Tehran, one of the most tangible changes is the constant variation of prices for goods and services. A new report by Jamaran News, an Iranian news website, has calculated the minimum cost of food in Tehran in September 2021.

According to this report, a family of three living in Tehran has to spend 130,000 Tomans ($4.64) (at the street market exchange rate) a week to buy milk, cheese, bread, tea, and sugar alone (a usual breakfast).

Foodstuffs Daily consumption Weekly cost IRT (USD)
Milk 3/4 a 1 litre bottle of mile 59,850 ($2.13)
Tea 10 cups 11,200  ($0.40)
Bread Barbari bread 28,000  ($1.00)
Cheese 50 grams 17,000 ($0.60)
Sugar 50 gm 9,000  ($0.32)
Total 130,050 ($4.64)


The report added that other daily meals in a home cost the same family 384,000 tomans ($13.71) a week.

Fruit & Veg

The average family would pay 60,000 tomans ($2.14) to buy fruit (an apple for each person a day) from municipality-run centres that offer fruit and vegetable at a lower price than shops.

Green vegetables (sabzijat) cost the average family 10,000 tomans ($0.35), per week, according to the report.

The price of an 800-gram can of tomato paste has reached Iranian toman (IRT) 30,000 ($1.10), up 50% m/m, Tasnim News reported on September 6.


Dairy products, except for milk and cheese, cost 25,000 tomans ($0.89), v and cooking oil 16,000 tomans. Potato and onion also cost 20,000 tomans every week.

Examining all these prices, the weekly food expenses of a three-member family in Tehran now costs 468,000 tomans ($16.71).

The figure increases to 598,000 tomans ($21.45) when added foodstuff costs needed to make three daily meals, excluding materials like spices are included.

Accordingly, the minimum food expenses for a couple and their child (as many families opt for only one child) in the capital amount to at least 2,392,000 tomans a month ($85.42), provided that they buy supplies at the lowest prices and use less expensive brands.

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