Free Online Persian Language Bootcamp 2024

In celebration of the Persian New Year (Nowruz), Living in Tehran (LiT) is excited to announce a new online Persian Language Bootcamp as a gift to our lovely viewers and followers.

The Persian language is the key to a better understanding of topics of interest whether you are an Iranian living abroad and passionate about teaching your mother tongue to your children, a traveler, a business person or diplomat planning to visit Iran, or just an individual interested in learning more about Iranian history and culture.

Living in Tehran (LiT) and Chai & Conversation have teamed up again to bring you one of the best online Persian language courses available. This exciting course is absolutely FREE and all you need is to register your name and email address to get enrolled.

Starting March 25 2024, you’ll have 6 weeks to learn the basics of Persian language conversation and become familiar with reading and writing Persian script at your own pace.

The exciting part is that the 6-week course is all FREE!

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Have the opportunity to practice Persian conversation with others, and learn the basics of the language
  • Understand the differences between the Persian script and English writing
  • We’ll take you step-by-step through learning a poem (don’t worry, it’ll be easy and fun).
  • Become a member of a live community and connect with other students

Don’t miss this great opportunity and sign up now!

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others wanting to learn the Persian language. Our students are either from an Iranian background and didn’t speak up growing the language (or they did and they want to up their language skills), are married to or dating an Iranian and want to learn Persian, or are interested in Iranian culture, the cooking, the music, the poetry, etc. Perhaps you find yourself in one of these categories, or perhaps another reason.


Q: Is it free?

A: It is completely free for members of Chai and Conversation to participate in the fall Bootcamp. You will need to be a member, but if you’re new to Chai and Conversation, your membership will be completely free for the duration of the Bootcamp! We’ll send you more information about this as we get closer to the Bootcamp date.

Q: Do I have to attend live?

A: The course is self-paced, and all the lessons are prerecorded, so you can work on them anytime! However, there will be several opportunities to practice live along with fellow students. We also have a community you’ll be able to join in order to ask questions and connect with fellow students.

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