Top 4 Indian restaurants in Tehran

Indian restaurants in Tehran

The perception that Indian restaurants wouldn’t thrive in Iran due to the spice-rich nature of their dishes was a common belief until quite recently. However, the culinary scene in Tehran, Iran’s capital, has undergone a remarkable transformation. A growing fondness for spicy food has emerged, thanks to the availability of various spicy sauces in local grocery stores.

This shift has not only made the Iranian palate more receptive to hot and flavorful dishes but has also fueled the popularity of Indian food among the city’s diverse residents, including those of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi descent.

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Contrary to the common belief, Iranian cuisine does not majorly feature spicy food. Many incorrectly assume that it would be similar to the food of its spice-loving neighbors, India and Pakistan. Yet, as the taste preferences are diversifying, we bring to you a roundup of Indian restaurants in Tehran that have been warmly embraced for their gastronomic delights. These establishments have succeeded in capturing the hearts of locals and visitors, winning them over with their delicious food.

Here are some of the most popular Indian restaurants in Tehran, known particularly for their excellent curry offerings:

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant and Hotel

Indian Restaurants in Tehran
Indian Restaurants in Tehran

The Taj Mahal Restaurant and adjoining hotel are not easily missed with the architecture of the building reminiscent of an Indian Castle. Like many Indian restaurants abroad, there is a broad range of Indian dishes on offer, including Vegetarian and meat curries.

 They set nicely the tables and the Sikh manager at the restaurant oversees the place and guides the guest to their tables politely and cordially. The place has a sort of Indian decor but at some points could be considered a little OTT.

Call: +98 81 9604 4570

Cingari Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurants in Tehran

If you’re in the central business district of Tehran then why not head to Cingari, a popular Indian restaurant with a full range of curries and kebab dishes. Also, they make a fabulous Indian naan.

The design and décor of the restaurant is a good fit for a modern eating experience, with plenty of vegetarian option available, as is traditional with Indian food. The kitchen is clearly visible from the tables and the staff are very attentive. We’d say this is in the upper echelons of eating out experiences in Tehran and don’t expect “cheap eats”.

Call: +98 21 8832 7075

Tandoor Indian Restaurant at Safir Hotel

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor, perched behind the former US embassy complex, is one of the most southern Indian restaurants in Tehran. Unassuming at first glance, the restaurant is located in the basement of Hotel Safir, which stands a bit set back from the street. Keep an eye out for the large peacock emblem adorning the door, a subtle indication of the culinary adventure that awaits inside.

With an impressive variety of Indian-style dishes, including some quite spicy ones, Tandoor promises a flavorful gastronomic experience. The welcoming staff, dressed in traditional Indian attire, and the occasional melody of Indian tunes drifting across the room, add an authentic touch to your dining experience.

When the weather turns warm in the spring, summer, and autumn, Tandoor unveils its fantastic outdoor dining space. Nestled amidst verdant trees, it offers you a tranquil setting to enjoy your meal, serenaded by the chirping of birds.

Drawing inspiration from classic Indian restaurants in the West, Tandoor’s menu features an array of curry dishes and spiced kebabs, a departure from the familiar Iranian variant. With its unique offerings and ambiance, Tandoor invites you to immerse yourself in an exotic culinary journey, right in the heart of Tehran.

Call: +98 21 8882 5701

Maharaja Restaurant

Indian Restaurants in Tehran
Indian Restaurants in Tehran

The Maharaja Restaurant, a timeless classic, is nestled in the basement of Jahan Hotel at the intersection of Valiasr Street and Taleqani Street and the first Indian restaurant in Tehran. Boasting an ideal location on the city’s central transit line, the BRT, it offers ease of accessibility to visitors and locals alike.

The pricing at Maharaja is reasonable, consistent with the other restaurants in the area. Depending on the season, you might find the place buzzing with hotel guests and students who frequent the vicinity.

Among our readers, the Maharaja Restaurant stands out for its aesthetically pleasing interior and the hospitality of its staff, who are highly responsive to requests like “make it hotter”. One reader even rates it as the best among the Indian restaurants in the city, a testament to its popularity and the quality of its service.

Call: +98 21 6647 6855


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