Hanna Boutique Hotel

A Unique Blend of History and Modernity in Tehran: Hanna Boutique Hotel


Hanna Boutique Hotel is a recently redeveloped building located on Neauphle-le-Château, adjacent to the French Embassy in the Iranian capital. It is part of the revitalization efforts in Lolagar Alley, showcasing the architectural beauty of the First Pahlavi era.

Hanna Boutique Hotel

History and Architecture:

Originally, six residential buildings were constructed in the center of Tehran, creating the city’s only symmetrical street. These structures on Lolagar Alley, known by some as “Doctors’ Alley,” are exceptional examples of First Pahlavi architecture. Over time, many of these buildings were abandoned, including the ones on Lolagar Alley.

Hannah Boutique Hotel
Hannah Boutique Hotel

Hanna Project and Urban Rehabilitation:

Hanna Boutique Hotel is the first urban rehabilitation project undertaken by Persian Garden Studio. After purchasing the building in 2016, the studio spent two years restoring it. The hotel was inaugurated in winter 2018, offering seven rooms, a restaurant, and multipurpose spaces. The interior design combines contemporary Iranian and international influences, creating a modern and intimate atmosphere.

Hanna Boutique Hotel Features and Booking:

Hanna Boutique Hotel provides several rooms of international standards and has become increasingly popular among foreign visitors seeking accommodation in central Tehran. Bookings can be made through various websites, including the hotel’s international booking site.

Attractions and Nearby Locations:

The hotel’s central location allows easy access to notable attractions, such as the National Museum of Iran, National Jewelry Museum, Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran, and Golestan Palace. Additionally, guests can enjoy the nearby Davood Pizza, known as Iran’s oldest pizza shop. You’ll also find Bookestan, a little store selling second-hand books and other items across the alley.

Hanna Boutique Hotel Restaurant & Cafe:

The hotel’s restaurant offers a unique dining experience in the heart of Tehran. Guests can savor unforgettable meals featuring flavors from various regions of Iran and around the world. The restaurant is open not only to hotel guests but also to anyone seeking modern culinary delights in central Tehran.

Our thoughts:

The Boutique Hotel combines the allure of historic architecture with contemporary comfort, making it a distinctive accommodation choice in Tehran. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the city’s attractions or a local seeking a culinary experience, Hanna Boutique Hotel offers a captivating blend of history and modernity.

Where is Hanna Boutique Hotel?

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