Top travel websites about Iran

We've collected the best travel websites from Iran!

Will you travel to Iran soon? If so we’ve collected the best websites where you can book and read information about the country. Best of all most of these sites are based in Iran!

Booking agencies & holiday firms based in Singapore. It is one of the few local startup firms which can process payments on local cards and foreign Visa, Mastercard and other systems through its foreign parent firm.

As a price comparison website, the firm is also able to accommodate foreigners with its dual-language interface in both English and Persian.

SnappTrip is Iran’s first website which lists the majority of hotels in the country. The interface is also user-friendly with both English and Persian supported and gives the most comprehensive collection of local hotels which would ultimately not feature online due to the language barrier.

The website’s help also says it can take foreign credit and debit cards as part of a booking and is available to help people through the booking procedure.

Raja is Iran’s main railway’s ticket booking website, which is available in Persian and English. The site has a somewhat tricky user interface with the English option only appearing with persistence. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase through this website with foreign debit and credit cards. However, according to some reports, the above agencies already offer tickets as part of packages or soon will plug-in to the railway providers.

Eligasht is the indeed the only old travel agency that has managed to transform itself into a modern dual language booking website. The company offers specific tours around Iran and abroad at competitive rates.

Tour Agencies

ToIran is a local company which provides tailor-made trips around Iran and has recently begun offering expatriates based in Tehran short trips. The website also provides a hotel booking service which accepts foreign credit and debit cards. The unique selling point about this company an itinerary around you, rather than you having to do all the legwork.

Another Persia-titled website, TapPersia attempts to fight the same ground as the other two firms in the market offering tours of the country. Unlike the other two, TapPersia currently only supports payment in cash and PayPal.


A great resource for tourism in Iran is The website is doing what it sets out to do with promoting the country’s tourism sector. Many of the articles are, however, imported from other websites. (Dutch)

If you’re after knowing more about Iran’s regions, then we recommend which offers videos in Dutch and subtitled in English. We recommend checking their YouTube channel out as we found their reports on northern Iran rather interesting.

Do you want to know more about Iran’s tourism industry in the news? Then why not read our recent report on English-language news websites. The local newspapers have a good selection of news on the tourism industry.



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