Top Iraqi Restaurants in Tehran

Tehran’s Iraqi restaurants offer amazing savings on uptown!

Iraqi food? Yeah, there is such a type, and we’ve found two restaurants one affordable and the other more expensive to meet most peoples’ budgets.

Downtown Dowlat Abad

Ali Baba

The first is way downtown in the Iraqi émigré suburb of Dowlat Abad to the east of the bottom end of Imam Ali Motorway. The owner of this establishment is from the neighboring country and offers takeaway and sit-in food which you would find in Baghdad or Najaf.

If you’re interested in the types of food on offer, it is mostly shawarma and beef and lamb kebabs, served up in a street food style and costing very little compared with restaurants uptown.

The area has seen an influx of Iraqis over recent years, with stores in the vicinity selling products you would find in Iraq, including their types of bread and canned food, according to our people who went down there recently to try out the meals on offer.

Interestingly, local media recently covered the area for the previous Iraqi presidential election with posters from several contenders of that country’s vote proudly displayed on streets in the area.

So if you’re looking for something different, why not try a day trip to the area?

Lebanon Nights, Yasmin Sham & Najaf e Ashraf

Also, around the area, there are several Arab food restaurants including Yasmin Sham, Lebanon Nights, and Najaf e Ashraf as well as dozens of cheap eateries offering baklava and falafels, all owned by Arabs who now call Tehran their home.

As we’re focusing on the Iraqi side of Arabian food, we suggest you try the one we highlighted, but if you’re hungry for pan-Arabian food, we suggest you have a wander around the area, as there are dozens of small eateries offering amazing food from the close-by region.

Zahed al-Iraqi Restaurant

The next restaurant is quite fancy compared to its counterpart downtown, Zahed Al-Iraqi is a restaurant built on the edge of the recently completed Bam Land development in the west of the city.

Looking over the said lake, diners can try the collection of Iraqi-inspired foods with a Persian twist. From rice dishes to kebabs, eaters at the restaurant will enjoy a luxurious night out with the cool breeze from the water.

The restaurant produces fresh hummus to order as well as freshly baked seasoned bread. If you’re looking to splash out, the restaurant is also famous for its mezze-style meals, popular in the Arab world.

Now, remember from several reports, this is a top-end restaurant offering some of the finest foods available in the city, so don’t expect to be given a small bill!

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