Introducing Hamta App to Register Your Phone in Iran

Since October 2017 Iran implemented its National Mobile Registry Scheme under which all new mobile phones must be registered to be eligible for using Iranian SIM Cards. In our previous report, we published a guide on how to do the registration through a USSD code or through

Now we’ve learned that there is a third way to do the registration which is through an App both for Android and iOS phones. The App which can be downloaded on Google Play is not offered on Apple iTunes but it can be downloaded through the Iranian version of it

After installing, you’ll be asked to enter your mobile phone number and complete the installation after typing the verification code which will be sent to you via SMS.

Despite its simplicity, the app lacks a very common feature like many other apps and services in Iran; providing service in English. So in order to use the app, you would need to ask for a help from a Persian speaking friend or relative.

If you’re just planning to visit Iran you need to note that travellers including expats visiting Iran, foreign tourists and businesspeople/women visiting the country can use Iranian SIM Card on their phones for maximum 30 days (since the first day of using the SIM Card) without registering.

However, if your phone has been blocked on your first entry, your best bet would be to head to a phone registration centre and see if they can unblock it.

Also if you’re among those who intend to use your foreign SIM Card when visiting Iran at the cost of paying a roaming charge you don’t have to register your phone either.

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