Where to buy a car in Iran?

Are you looking for a new car? Then here are the best locations to spot your new pride and joy in Tehran.

A good place to search for cars in Iran is a site called bama.ir. If you cannot understand Persian it is useful to have a local guide you through the site as the user interface is clunky for 2019. Despite this, it remains one of the most popular websites to buy cars and find the daily price.

Other local buying and selling sites including, Sheypoor, and Divar.ir, similar to sites like Gumtree and eBay, these two websites offer a great array of different vehicles as well as other items to purchase.

There are also several official and semi-official representatives in Tehran, including companies like Arian Motor (Mitsubishi), Persia Khodro (BMW), Setareh Iran (Mercedes-Benz) and others who continue to maintain several brands.

If you are looking to have a look-see at what is available on the day and you have the full amount of cash to splash on an imported car, then we recommend the epicentre of car dealers situated around Shahid Motahari and Beheshti, here you will find the majority of car brands on offer as well as others including the occasional Mini or Smart at premium prices.

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