Stained Glass Painting Museum of Iran

Stained Glass Museum Hidden Gem in Tehran

1 Stained Glass Painting Museum

Stained Glass Painting Museum

There is a unique villa in downtown Tehran that many locals will have never heard about. Though you shouldn’t miss the Stained Glass Painting Museum as these gems are few and far between as Tehran continues to develop.

The Stained Glass Museum was donated to the local city a few years ago by the family of Dr. Siavash Shaghaghi who had built the building, following its restoration the delightful building was then handed over to the cultural authorities who turned the villa into a museum to preserve it and its artworks for future generations.



The Stained Glass Museum is often overlooked due to its location off the beaten track, as well as being overshadowed by the Abgineh Museum in the west of the city center. However, the restored villa is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass works from the past couple of hundred years.

The Museum is open seven days a week. However, there is little information online concerning opening hours. It also has a cafe area and an outside seating area.

The area is a treasure trove of remaining Qajar-era villas, to a time when the landed gentry of the capital lived on the old outskirts of the capital city. Tehran has expanded so much in the past 150 years that these are now considered the center of the town.

2 Where is the Under-Glass Museum?

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