How To: Buying Iran Military Service

Buying Iran Military Service

Military Service Purchase for Iranians Living Abroad

In light of laws established in Iran, there are certain conditions and procedures for Iranians living overseas to purchase their military service. Here is what you need to know:

Permission to Enter Iran

All Iranians living abroad must obtain permission before entering Iran, which is one of the most important conditions. This permit can be acquired by visiting the local Islamic Republic Embassy. Once your passport is presented at the embassy, a travel stamp will be applied, which serves as the permit.

Conditions for Residents Abroad for Over Eight Years

Those who have lived outside of Iran for eight years or more will need to pay a fine upon returning to the country. This fine can be paid in cash or instalments. It’s worth noting that for every year of absence, an additional 10% will be added to the fine. However, if the individual has a spouse or child, a 5% deduction will be applied to the fine.

Iran Consulate

Entry Permit

If Iranians abroad receive the stamp on their passport from an Islamic Republic Embassy overseas, they can enter their home country twice a year without any issues. The duration of each stay is limited to three months.

When There’s No Iranian Consulate

In cases where the individual’s residence doesn’t have an Islamic Republic Embassy or center, they are allowed to visit the centres located in their resident country for this purpose.

Maximum Age for Military Service

One of the conditions relates to the maximum age for military service. Individuals should enter their home country at least three years before the age of compulsory military service. If they enter at a younger age, they won’t be able to benefit from the overseas military exemption law.

Living Abroad Verification

Another requirement is the verification of the individual’s residence outside Iran by the Islamic Republic center or consulate.


Those who are studying temporarily abroad and will return to their home country after completing their education will not be included in the overseas military service purchase. This is also true for individuals who temporarily reside in another country.

Residence Period

Individuals must have at least a two-year residence period abroad.

Iran Consulate

How to Purchase

To initiate the purchase process, one must prepare a certificate proving their residence abroad. A photo and a copy of their national ID are also required.

If you decide to delegate the military exemption process to a lawyer, you must have the original power of attorney in Persian (Vekelat Nameh).

Remember, during this process, you should receive a tracking code to easily follow up on your affairs.

For students who want to purchase military service abroad, the last educational certificate must also be provided.

After collecting the necessary documents, the associated fee is paid and a payment receipt is provided.

Specific Laws on Buying Iran Military Service

There are specific laws in Iran for the purchase of military service by those residing abroad. However, these rules differ for those who are considered “absentee soldiers.”

These individuals should have been absent for a period of five years from the time of their conscription. It’s important to note that this law applies to individuals who left Iran before conscription age and have been absent for five years since being called for service. According to the annual announced amount, these individuals can buy their military service. So that is good.

Those who have fled from military service or are absent can manage their affairs without being present in Iran. This can be easily done through the embassies or consulates of the Islamic Republic.

All individuals living abroad who have been absent for more than eight years must pay a fine. If they pay the relevant fine and more than eight years have passed, they will receive an exemption card.

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Cost of Buying Buying Iran Military Service Abroad

The Iranian Parliament’s Conciliation Commission has considered a fee for those abroad who intend to buy their military service. This fee should be paid in euros and it changes annually.

  • The purchase amount has been set at 15,000 euros as of writing this.

However, the 15,000 euros for buying military service for those abroad is only for the absentees who have passed five years since their military draft call.

  • People who are married and have an Iranian spouse will receive a 25% discount.

Conditions for Issuing Exit Stamps for Iranians Abroad

CAUTION: As mentioned in the above sections, servicemen living abroad must definitely take action to buy military service for those abroad. However, an exit stamp must be placed on their passports by the embassy or the Islamic Republic’s center so they are allowed to enter their country.

The conditions for issuing this stamp are that individuals must have completed their eighteenth year and entered their nineteenth year. It should be noted that individuals up to the age of fifty will be subject to the issuance of an exit stamp. Another condition for the exit stamp is the validity of the passport. If the passport’s validity has expired, they should renew it. Of course, the original passport must exist.

In addition, they should have lived or studied in a foreign country for at least three years.

It is better to know that this stamp does not have any credibility with the secondary information. If there is a stamp with the word “secondary information” on a person’s passport, this word must be removed.

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Carte Ma’afi

In the event that a person has been pardoned by the government, he will be exempt from military service abroad. In this case, they only need to follow up on the exemption card called a “Carte Ma’afi“.

Another condition has been considered for men who have not yet reached military age. These gentlemen are allowed to leave the country without an exit stamp.

If the Islamic Republic is mentioned as the country of residence in a person’s passport, they must change their place of residence in the country where they live at the first opportunity, so that the exit stamp is placed for them.

The completion of the application form and the payment receipt should also be in place for the stamp to be made.

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