Geoscience Museum of Iran

Geoscience Museum in Tehran

Overview of the Museum

Experience an enriching journey through Earth’s history at the Geoscience Museum of Iran, located in the heart of Tehran, in the bustling district of Azadi. This scientific museum, nestled next to the National Geology Organization, offers a wealth of knowledge about different types of rocks, minerals, fossils, and mining tools, providing a perfect educational resource for students and scholars alike.

Geoscience Museum of Iran

Geoscience Museum Opening Times

The museum can be explored thoroughly in a duration of 1 to 2 hours, and it remains open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Saturday through Thursday.

Geoscience Museum of Iran
Geoscience Museum of Iran

Geoscience Museum Location

The museum is situated on the western side of Azadi Square, on Ma’araj Boulevard, next to the National Geology Organization, in Tehran, Iran.

What Makes the Geoscience Museum Unique

The Geoscience Museum houses an impressive collection of 400 rock specimens, 1,200 different animal fossils, 200 types of minerals, and 65 pieces of mining equipment, all on public display. The exhibits have been sourced from geological research and discoveries by the National Geology Organization and the Ministry of Oil, offering a unique experience in three key ways:

  1. Showcase of Iran’s Potential: The museum reflects Iran’s rich mineral resources, various types of minerals, and fossil fuel reserves, while also highlighting the nation’s tourist attractions.
  2. Promoting Earth’s Conservation: Visitors are educated on the importance of protecting Mother Earth and the steps to preserve our serene habitat from destruction.
  3. Informative for Future Explorers: Those interested in mining exploration will find the museum’s information valuable. It’s especially recommended for teenagers interested in the field, and they can also participate in the museum’s workshops.

Geoscience Museum of Iran

Museum Sections

The Geoscience Museum is divided into various sections:

  1. Ancient mining tools and archaeological artifacts.
  2. Rocks.
  3. Minerals.
  4. Precious and semi-precious minerals.
  5. Fossils.
  6. Vertebrate fossils.
  7. A hall for showcasing geological films.
  8. A special section for meteorites, dinosaur bones, and eggs.

Additional Activities

Guess what? Apart from the exhibits, the museum organizes educational workshops for students, collaborates and exchanges information with domestic and foreign universities, and provides consultation in the field of geology.

Tehran Bus Terminals
Tehran Bus Terminals

How to Reach the Geoscience Museum

Personal Vehicle

Firstly, most people will visit the museum by car. The museum is located on the western side of Azadi Square, on Ma’araj Boulevard, adjacent to the National Geology Organization.


Alternatively, by using bus line 1 from Tehranpars to Azadi Square, you can alight at Azadi Square and enter either of the Hajjaj or Ma’araj streets. An 800-meter walk on either of these streets will lead you straight to the Geoscience Museum.


Also, you can use Metro Line 4 and get off at Azadi Square station. From the square, enter Ma’araj Street. After an 800-meter walk, you’ll arrive at the Geoscience Museum, situated next to the National Geology Organization.

Our Conclusion

So, the Geoscience Museum of Iran, with its impressive collection and educational approach, is a must-visit for both locals and tourists. It’s not just a museum, but a rich source of knowledge and a perfect way to spend a day learning about the mysteries of our Earth.

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